How Handmade Products Save Environment/ Tradition

handmade products online India

handmade products online India

With global warming, climate change, greenhouse gases, the temperature has reached its peaks. And just in case this wasn’t enough, this whole pandemic situation has made us realize that we need to respect and protect our mother earth. Because whatever we give it to our nature, it sooner or later comes back to us at the end of the day. Gifting someone handmade products is a sincere gesture. If you are unsure about gifting a friend, visit our website for the best handmade products online India and never fret about a personalized gift ever again.

Here are 12 facts about the handmade products that might encourage you to take baby steps to save our environment:

  1. Cost-effective:

Buying quality products doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. One can easily buy the local handmade stuff, from traditional handlooms to handicrafts; everything can be easily found around us. Hence, encouraging more people to gravitate towards it.

  1. Organic over processed:

Kohl has always been a part of our tradition, and the way our grandmothers have been making it is; authentic, handmade, simple, and insanely inexpensive. Many locals have started preparing and selling bio- enzymes made up of citrus peels, jaggery, and water, that serve the purpose of all the household cleaners and eliminates the use of toxic cleaners. These types of handmade cleaners involve no chemicals and are environment friendly as well.

  1. Vocal for local:

The global pandemic covid-19 has hit the people of our country with such a note that most people lost their jobs or are forced to work underpaid to meet their daily needs. In today’s unforgiving times, all we can do is contribute to their well-being by supporting their art, buying from them, and spreading a positive word of mouth.

  1. Boost economy:

India is known to have the 2nd largest population, so many countries import their luxury brands to our country, and with the growing practice of westernization, people are so inclined toward these luxury brands products made up of highly synthetic material, thus choking the planet. But this pandemic situation has made us realize to empower and help the talent sustain our country.

  1. Healthier lifestyle:

Why aren’t fruits in the markets labeled as healthy but the highly processed and packaged food comes with a bold label saying ‘HEALTHY.’This makes me travel back in time and feel nostalgic, as to how we used to buy our traditional sun-dried chips and snacks of different varieties from our local vendors which has always been a part of our tradition, our culture but all thanks to these foreign companies establishing their mark in our country and selling this highly processed food in plastic packets. But now I think it’s high time we make more livable choices and protect our health.

  1. Preservation of art:

Phulkari from Punjab, bandhani from Rajasthan, tie and dye from Gujrat, kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, ikat from Odisha, zari from Madhya Pradesh, and the list is never-ending. This artwork signifies our traditions and the rich culture of our soil.
Almost every state in our country has its specialized handlooms, but this fast fashion brand offering not up to the mark quality at cheap pricing has forced our skilled craftsmen to step back. But here is the good news, the more we demand, the more is produced. We can always contribute our bit by buying the local handloom and generating employment in our own country.

  1. Uniqueness:

Every single piece of handmade product out there is different and carries its charm with it. Whether handmade soap, jute bags, and baskets, bamboo art, or pottery, these variations make them unique, beautiful, sustainable, and most importantly, made with immense love and care.

  1. Support skilled workers:

Many skilled workers out there are forced to leave their work/art just because the demand for the product wasn’t enough for them to continue to fulfill the hunger strike of their families. We people buying from them will encourage them to pass this art form to the next generation and maintain the essence of our rich heritage.

  1. Artistic experience:

One of the lost treasures of art are the eco-friendly toys which were a part of every child’s childhood back then; the string puppet dolls made up of natural fabric was a hype amongst kids before the low-quality plastic made dolls were introduced in our country. These handmade toys serve the purpose well, and it gives an artistic experience to their customers.

Kitchen sets made up of clay over plastic ones are biodegradable, and the art’s imperfections are its superiority.

  1. Eco Friendly:

These products are most likely to be produced in a comparatively low quantity. Hence the setup does not require building big industries that in return give out effluents and pollute our environment.

  1. Energy saving:

Fuel, gas, electricity are not the limiting factors of these products, making them the right choice. And mindful consumerism is the foundation of sustainability.

  1. Mountains of landfills:

As our love for mountains never gets old, the mountains of landfills are surely something no one has on their bucket list. Most of the handmade products are made with less plastic and synthetic items that don’t end up in landfills, making them a sustainable choice for both consumers and producers.

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