Cleaning your Houston home chimney and fireplace is a no-brainer. For the most affordable chimney sweeping and fireplace cleaning services in Houston, Texas you need to give us a call. We’ll get rid of flammable debris, birds nests or animal disturbances, and more! There is nothing that we have not encountered before in the past, so no matter what you need you should know you can rely on Houston Air Duct Cleaning to take care of the problem. Our licensed chimney sweepers and home cleaners are accustomed to taking care of fireplaces and chimneys completely. Whether they are on the roof or in your living room on their back, they will make sure your fireplace and chimney are fully clean. We have modern equipment and the most well-trained technicians, the best chimney cleaning in Houston, TX.

Houston Chimney Sweep

We will come to your house and completely clean your chimney. With inspections to make sure it is safe to use, you know you will be good to go once we’re done. Even as summer approaches, you can anticipate some cooler nights where you may want to use your fireplace. In fact, many homeowners still continue to use their fireplace and chimney for dinners and family gatherings even when it is not cold outside. Of course, there is no denying that many more homes use their chimneys in the colder months. That’s why we’re discounting our chimney cleaning services for the entire summer! That’s right, with our discount code #SummerChimneys2020 you can receive up to 20% off and get your chimney fully swept for lower than $100. Now that’s a deal! Why wait until winter when every chimney cleaning service is more expensive? Save money, be proactive, and schedule your chimney sweep as soon as possible! 

Fireplace Cleaning

Deep cleaning for your fireplace consists of heavy brushing, removing gunk, coals, and other debris, as well as checking for buildups of creosote or other chemicals. It’s very important to completely clean the fireplace. Although some homeowners opt to do the fireplace cleaning themselves, we understand that not everyone has the time or ability to clean their fireplace. That’s why for one packaged price we offer the best Houston chimney sweep cleaning and fireplace cleaning so everyone can benefit. 

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