A lot of people think that it is fun to work with art more so when they are arranged in their own homes. Clean lines, colors and bold prints become more interesting once they are fused. If you are planning on redesigning your home or just a room, it would help to know about the basic concepts of art deco style.

Pay Attention to Detail

One of the first few concepts that you need to focus on is the arrangement of geometric shapes and those clean lines. You need to make use of well-defined lines and sweeping curves which are actually similar to the streamlined design of a plane. Apart from the structured lines, you can use geometric shapes and angular blocky. If you want to go all out in being different then you might as well use ancient Aztec temple trapezoids.

Today’s designs also emphasize lines that can either be considered abstract or organic but art deco is exactly the opposite. This is why, those who choose this style end up being called as the ones with a unique taste. Use Ziggurat shapes and symmetry and you have already a good idea of what art deco is all about.

Moving forward, adding an influence of industrial design simply means using more stainless steel and textures in your home. These can easily affect a person’s vision of your room. Lacquered wood can help you achieve this.

Going further on stainless steel and textures, also means using a lot of clean lines. These straightforward lines provide a sense of opulence and starkness. Industrial also includes a lot of ebony, marble and glass. For a more glossy surface, there are several materials in art deco that can actually make sense inside any room in your home.

The development of art deco interior design has been influenced by many cultures. In essence, this design is a melting pot of sorts since several countries have contributed to the characteristics that art deco now has. The result is additional materials that provide more options for a lot of home and business owners.

When it comes to fabric choices, softer materials have been added such as zebra patterns, sharkskin, and elegant silks. But if you want to simulate the beauty of warm Pacific waters or African savannahs, then all you have to do is to research a little about these subjects and use the elements that you find on your research into your design.

Art deco is all about having a little imagination and more creativity. It can feature Egyptian, French, even Mediterranean cultures, complete with geometric patterns and the most vibrant colors.

Travel has become popular back in the 30s which is why tourism was at an all time boom. This is when African safaris and the most exotic finishes started to be used in many homes. Many homeowners opted to use metallic paint, shiny fabrics, glass and mirrors.

Artwork and sculptures are also a huge part of art deco interiors. Just as this very name suggests, the world of arts and entertainment in the 1930s all the way to the 1940s mimicked the bold, new trend. Oil paintings, ornate bedroom furniture pieces and sculptural table lamps are the in things to do when trying to achieve an art deco appeal in your home.

To add a little drama into any room, you can also imitate cosmopolitan lifestyle. Furniture pieces should come with distinct lines and adorned with the most beautiful fabrics like stripes, zigzags and chevrons. Think of Hollywood Regency style and you are pretty much able to picture what art deco drama is all about.

Remember that living art deco is no longer just for the elite. Just bring about art’s roaring appeal in your home and you have already achieved this exceptional style.

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