Hot, Hot, Hot 2019 Interior Design Trends (Link Roundup)

A lot of the ongoing design trends are influenced by a lot of things that transpired in 2018. The ‘60s design was pretty big last year and the vintage look still seems to be preferred this year.

2019 Interior Design Trends

Everything that is old can be used in your home again. While old designs may seem to be coming back, be wary that there are slight differences. The year 2014 is all about the fusion of old and contemporary looks. This year, you do not need to concern yourself about things that are expensive or stuff that are dirt-cheap.

So what should you look forward to in 2018? What kinds of colors and styles will dominate furniture showrooms and, ultimately, many homes?

Personal Style Counts

This year, it is important to discover what style you truly want and to have this inspire your home’s interiors. Referred to as individualized interiors, you now have the power to dictate the uniqueness of your home.

While your neighbor’s living room furniture looks great, you wouldn’t want that exact same piece to sit in your own home, right? This is why it is important to find out what style you are happiest with and to decide on all the other elements based on your preference.

This year, it is all about individuality rather than the brand of furniture. It is all about being you and making your home look more like- you.

Gray Is In

White is out and gray is in – at least this is true for 2018. This is the brave prediction of some interior designers in the nation. Orchids can now be used to accentuate rooms and the most colorful throw pillows are welcome.

Gray is an achromatic color meaning you can combine just about any color with it. You won’t have to worry about mismatching or going totally wrong on the color palette.

Soft colors are also in and they are bound to accent whites and grays. Soft purples will also be huge this year.

Metallic Glimmer and Prints

Gold is quite big for the year 2018. It can be used as an accent color or if you are bold enough, you can have it dominate certain rooms. Gold brings about positive vibes while providing warmth. But if you want to have the warmer metals in your home – incorporate bronze, aged brass or copper finishes.

Prints are also big this year. The bigger and more graphic they are, the better. Ask your interior designer on how you can use oversized florals and big butterflies in your home. Asian-inspired dragons are also great for this year.

Wood Tones and Desks That Have Shrunk

Cherry and mahogany are soft and lustrous pieces that can be used as materials for furniture this year. These can serve as anchors for other important interior design pieces. Think of Marc Jacobs, Prada, game tables, side tables, footstools and nesting tables with lots of burl and you know that you are on the right track.

As to the desks, the smaller they are, the more stylish they can get for your room. The seats can offer depth and those with exposed legs are now in. A metal chair fused with open-grain wood is a good addition in any living room.

The Moroccan Influence

Moroccan patterns are quite famous on rugs, fabrics, and wall coverings. Moorish architecture is quite big in this year’s furniture pieces. The use of upholstered headboards is encouraged and is now considered a stylish investment. African and Middle Eastern designs are also resurfacing. These are all contemporary interpretations of many historic design elements. With these trends now heating up the interior design industry, what do you think will be suitable in your home?

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