Home Improvements for a Cooler House During the Summer

Cooler House Summer

Cooler House Summer

The AC blasts through the house. The ceiling fans run at maximum speed. Nevertheless, you continue to sweat while sitting down and doing nothing.

Your home should be an escape from the summer heat and shouldn’t simulate the hot, humid weather. If you have a miserably hot house during the summer, try these home improvements for a cooler, pleasant home.

Upgrade the Windows

Blackout curtains are great for blocking out sunlight and helping you sleep soundly through the night. However, when you want to soak up the natural light during the day, this isn’t a permanent solution.

To maximize natural light and prevent extreme heat from entering the windows, install window films. The reflective properties reduce the heat passing through the glass. You’ll still receive the sunlight you crave while keeping the house cool.

Repair a Faulty Air Conditioning System

Instead of letting the summer go by without fixing the problem, be proactive and get the job done right away! Pay attention to the signs you need to repair your AC. It’ll make relaxing at home in the summer more enjoyable.

Install New Flooring To Keep Your Floors Cool

Many homes use carpeting to make their homes feel warmer. While it’s wonderful in the winter, it can make rooms feel hotter in the summer. Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles are some of the coolest flooring materials for your home. They’re great to install in bathrooms and the kitchen.

When it comes to the rest of the house, replacing old carpeting with natural hardwood floors is the most effective option. The many myths about hardwood flooring deter people from installing the lovely material. However, it’s great when you need to cool off in the summer.

In the winter, dress up the hardwood with plush rugs when you need warmth. This way, you’ll have versatile flooring ideal for hot and cold weather.

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Leaving lights on all around the house produces excessive heat. To resolve the issue, you may leave very few lights on in a room at one time.

Make the switch to LED light bulbs! LED bulbs aren’t only praiseworthy for their energy-saving properties. They also release less heat than incandescent light bulbs. Now, you can have several lights on in a room without feeling like the bulbs are heightening the temperature.

Add an Attic Fan

If your house is miserably hot and you feel like you’ve tried everything, the next step is to add an attic fan. Attic fans remove additional heat from the attic, cooling down the house. They’re great tools to use in conjunction with the air conditioning system.

To ensure the attic fan works efficiently, you’ll need to check that there’s proper insulation in the attic. Ample cracks leading to the outdoors and a lack of insulation materials will reduce the attic fan’s performance.

Home improvements are the key to keeping your house cool during the summer. Trying just one or several of these ideas will make your home a more relaxing space to enjoy all summer.

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