Home Gym Interior Designs – What’s Hot, Hip And Practical


Not every home has its own gym to show off. First, there aren’t a lot of health-conscious people on the planet. Second, very few homeowners would want to allocate one room for exercising. A few others simply combine the gym with their living room or home office. If you have been contemplating setting up your own home gym, then you have to know the best home gym interior designs first.

Home gyms are most practical if you want to exercise in privacy. You can save from gym fees as well as on gasoline if you choose to set up a gym right in your own home. You also get to save on the time that you usually spend traveling to and from the public gym.

Since your home gym is going to be a permanent part of your habitat, you should plan and prepare for its construction and design. Position the exercise machines right where natural light can come in. It is a wonderful feeling to exercise as the sunlight floods the room as well.

Be sure to take careful measurements so that you will know how much space you will need for your equipment and how much-unused space will be left. Exercising requires that you can also move around freely. Do not let the entire treadmill or any bulky exercise equipment eat up the entire room.

Next, you also need to check the walls and whether they offer noise reduction. You would not want to hear your exercise grunts being echoed. Check also if the walls are painted with the proper colors. Say no to dull colors such as white or colors that can make you enraged (a splash of colors everywhere).

Paint the walls brown and you will get a sense of control, stability and comfort. Gray says a lot about practicality and discipline. Black, on the other hand, allows you to focus but it can also make you feel on the edge so be careful in using this color. If you want to feel relief on obsessions and fears, then purple is the color to use. It also offers a calming effect so choose from the different violet hues.

If solid colors don’t make you feel inspired to exercise, then you could also consider graffiti. This is one of the most used techniques in designing a home gym.

Check also the flooring inside your planned home gym. Remember that you are going to sweat a lot as you exercise so make sure that the flooring material will not become slippery once you start sweating. 

Placing the Exercise Equipment and Décor

A solid home gym is a room that is filled with relevant exercise equipment. Address all areas such as flexibility, strength training, aerobics, and resistance. Consider investing in a treadmill, bike, stepper, or that elliptical machine.

As for the décor, you can add posters of your favorite athletes or just about any picture that inspires you to pump those muscles. If a photograph of sexy men and women makes you envious rather than inspired, then you can go ahead and hang other pictures on your home gym walls. There are posters of motivational quotes and you can have those posted, too.

If home offices need vision boards for your work goals, then you can also apply the same principle in your home gym. Why don’t you go and buy a corkboard where you can post your motivational messages, workout plans and your weight loss (or weight gain) goals? Just make sure that you can see the things that you have posted even from a distance.

Lastly, designing the home gym also requires that you invest in more than one mirror. Doing so will help you keep focused on your goals.

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