Home Entertainment System Installation – 4 Factors That Affect Your Leisure Level


These days, a lot of people go gaga over the latest audio-visual systems in the market. These are extremely popular not just for music lovers but also the movie fanatics out there. Such technology now competes with the magic brought about by the silver screen as people now tend to stay at home instead of getting in line to buy a movie ticket. Since this is the scenario these days, it pays to know about home entertainment system installation.

Home Entertainment System

Size Matters

It is time to consider the factors in setting up your home entertainment system. First, consider the size and shape of the room where you are going to place your entertainment system. This should match the size of the entertainment room so that you can achieve the best possible surround sound. This is also crucial in optimizing the life-like movie experience inside your home.

Smaller rooms must be installed with fewer power speakers. Of course, the bigger the room, the more speakers should be installed. A home-theater-in-a-box should be sufficient to provide quality audio for small rooms. This kind of speaker has a 5.1 sub-sat system. For bigger rooms, you can ask for bookshelf speakers to be installed or those floor standing designs. The bigger rooms should gear towards a 7.1 home theater system. 

Audio Power

Apart from the size of the room, you must also think about the room acoustics. Make sure that the walls are able to absorb the sound that comes from the speakers instead of bounce it around. To achieve this, invest in soft wall materials and some thick curtains. Carpeting the floor is also a viable solution in keeping echoes at bay.

You may want to ask an appliance expert to help you shop for some of the components of a home entertainment system. Start looking for a DVD, home theater receivers, TV or a projector. A few homes include gaming consoles in their home entertainment setup. Choose from the latest gaming systems such as XBox One and Play Station 4.

As you set up these components, it is also important to search for compatible accessories such as audio-visual cables and speaker cables. Such cables can have a huge effect on the entire system’s performance. High-end systems must be installed with quality cables so that you can get the most out of them.

Furniture Choice

Remember that the type of furniture you end up choosing for your entertainment room will also affect your viewing pleasure as well as your level of relaxation. This means that you need to choose your TV stand carefully as well as the theater seats that you would soon be sitting in. The cushion is highly recommended inside this room. It is simply wrong to put hardwood, non-upholstered seats in your entertainment room. Such seats are likely to cause discomfort so find the most comfortable seats that you can find in the market.

Remember that the seating arrangement must also be done correctly in order to achieve the best possible listening and viewing experience. Just like movie theaters, it pays to have the seats arranged on a semi-circular, concave position.

Be sure to find the best kind of speaker stands for the type of room that you are going to use.


A huge part of home entertainment system installation is to know where to place the components. Do you know where to place the sub-woofer? How about the surround speakers? Where do you think you should place the TV? Should it be placed right smack in the middle or at a slightly-elevated level?

If you cannot answer these questions with certainty, then it is best to ask an electrician to help you with your home entertainment system installation. This way, you can be guaranteed of quality work, one that will give you an optimum level of entertainment experience.

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