Here Are 7 Stunning Outdoor Patio Ideas

Outdoor Patio Furniture
Outdoor Patio Furniture
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Lazy evenings, green spots? Well, then it’s time to make the most out of your outdoor patio. Think of creative ideas, add lots of comfortable spots for a home gathering, and just make this space magical. Check out 7 stunning outdoor patio ideas:

1. Magic & relaxing moments

Create an indoor space outdoors. It’s very easy – just think of a living room layout with nature inspired elements. Add a raffia rug and comfortable outdoor furniture. Then, just make this outdoor ”living room” more magical and fun with dreamy lights, rattan lamps, white candles and hammocks.

2. California dreaming

Do you love the chic Californian style? Then, decorate your dreamy patio in a ranch style, mixing desert inspired elements with comfy ones, colors and prints. Add exotic plants all over the space, choose nature inspired elements, colorful pillows, ethno inspired covers and surround this dreamy space with magical lights.

3. Lazy & chic

Enjoy a lazy & chic afternoon in your dreamy patio. Start with some retro-inspired outdoor umbrellas that will give some charm to this space. Then decorate this space with an ethnic themed rug with chic frills and gorgeous rattan chairs. Add chic pillows and serve fancy drinks on the cutest coffee table you can find.

4. Mix it up

Mix and match deco elements for an eclectic and creative patio. Mix different kinds of outdoor chairs, choose an original round table and decorate this space with vintage deco elements and mirrors. If you stick to a neutral and Earthy color palette everything will match perfectly.

5. Moroccan vibes

The Moroccan style is just dreamy for an outdoor patio. Think of the lovely Moroccan prints and deco elements and add them in your patio. Everything will look very relaxing and vacation themed.

6. Relax & dine

Plan you outdoor patio in two separate areas – the dining space and the lounge area. Choose the same color scheme and surround everything with magic lights. As for the dining space you wont go wrong if you choose the chic Riviera chairs and add them next to a round table.

7. Cozy dinner

Plan you outdoor patio around a cozy and chic dinning table. Choose a relaxing and summer inspired boho or ethno theme and think of your favorite colors and prints. Add also dreamy green plants and candles that will make the whole space even more gorgeous.

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