Guest Bedroom Essentials Plus Some (Link Roundup)


Would you agree that the guest bedroom should be an enjoyable space in your home? Having this comfy oasis for a guest should be a part of entertaining and welcoming him to your home. To achieve this retreat or haven, you need to have all of the essentials in place prior to the visit –

A Comfy Bed                                

People who are not able to sleep in a night (or worse, more than one night), could end up being monsters. One of the things that you should consider when setting up a comfortable bedroom for your guest is the quality of the mattress.

You must always think about your spine health when you want to have a good night’s sleep. First, check if the coils and springs are able to provide spine and back support. The more steel coils there are in a mattress, the higher the quality of that mattress.

Having more coils does not automatically mean that that is the kind of mattress that you should buy. There are those whose bodies are meant for water beds or quilted types.

A Nightstand or Two

The guest bedroom should also be decorated just as you would the master bedroom and all the other bedrooms in your home.

No matter which bedroom you are talking about, no one really likes to stand up at night just to get a glass of water or to turn off the lamp. This is when the nightstand comes on stage.

The bedroom nightstand is a crucial piece of furniture. It is not there just to beautify the room. It can also keep stuff such as a novel, a music box, your wallet, watch, an alarm clock, some hair clips, a laptop, etc.

Night Lamp

The bedside table lamp is also an important guest bedroom furnishing. Your guest does not have to rely on an overhead lighting fixture all the time. The lighting can also be controlled and directed towards a specific area in the guest bedroom.

Do you also enjoy reading a novel at night? If this is a routine for some people, then it becomes imperative to have a bedside light source. This can make the relaxation a lot more relaxing. A lamp does not cause glare as would the regular task light. Plus, it can also be positioned at the best reading angle for zero glare.

If you want to up the energy of the reading lamp, then you should consider having CFL or LED light bulbs. These may cost a bit more but they are known to be more energy efficient.


If the guest bedroom is meant for a single guest, then have a smaller wardrobe set up. For a room that is meant for more two or more guests, then bring in a bigger cabinet. No matter what the size, though, it should be able to hold the guests’ clothing, some shoes, and some of their accessories.

Clean Towels and Needful Toiletries

Your guest would surely appreciate a basket of toiletries containing a bottle of shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, towel, and tissue. You can add more to these if you want the guest’s stay to be spa-like. It would be nice for the guest or guests to have soft, big towels that they could use during their baths. It would also be nice for them to see extra towels just in case they need more than one.


Apart from the bedding that has already been set up for your guest, it would also be nice to provide extra blankets, pillows, bed sheet, and pillow cases. Take note that people have different pillow preferences as well so it might be good to have a few choices presented to them.


There are simply some people who cannot resist midnight snacking. If you have such a guest, and even when you’re not sure if the guest would go looking for food at night, set up a snack basket that contains a water bottle or two, nuts or some cookies.

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