Guest Bedroom Design – Is It Truly the Hardest Room to Design?


A guest will always be a guest so your approach in designing his room should be different when compared to all the other rooms in your home. When designing this room, it is not just important to provide the fundamental amenities and furniture but also what he misses most – the ambiance of his home.

The guest should feel homely when asked to sleep inside the guest room. Just think about the layout of hotel rooms and in your home – is there a huge difference? Of course, as your home will present a different level of homeliness that no hospitality business can offer.

It can be difficult to achieve a homely guest room especially since you are going to cater to an outsider. A guest is not going to stay forever so it if the interior designer’s job to see that his visit is comfortable and that he also gets to enjoy the show.

The guest room, ideally, must be built with a toilet (whether attached or right inside the room). If your home has two storeys, then the guest room should be, preferably, built on the ground floor. This is so the remaining house members get to maintain their privacy. 

The Guest Room Furniture Choices

When you get down to choosing the guest room furniture, it may interest you that there are now a lot of designs that were particularly made for this purpose. Now take note that guests are not there to stay for a long time so you can go ahead and pick modular furniture.

Depending on how many people are supposed to come in and occupy the guest room, with modular furniture, you can quickly change the furniture form and even make extra space for those extra people. The best ways to maximize space is to use modular furniture that comes in folding designs.

If you take time to research online, you will find out that there are now a lot of cool designs to choose from. The Futon bunk bed, for instance, comes in two bed layers just like the regular bunk bed with the added feature that the bottom bed can be folded to form a sofa in the morning. This means that your guests can enjoy the sofa during the day while they can lounge about and sleep on it during the night. This kind of sofa is great for families of four who are out to visit their relatives or friends.

Guest Room Color Schemes

The guest room is pretty much a bedroom for your visitors so it must be inviting and charming. The use of bright colors can help in the dispersion of light throughout the room.

Apart from bright colors, you also have the leeway to use darker shades if you want to enhance the cheerful effects of the previous colors. With this contrasting effects, it is certain that your guests will be amazed at your taste in interior design.

Use artificial lighting especially when the guest room does not have ample natural lighting. Focal points must be highlighted by centering lights on them.

For added homeliness, you can use indoor plants preferably the flowering ones. This is an effortless way to bring life into a dull interior. 

Accessorizing the Guest Room

To further make the guest room more welcoming, make sure that it is clutter free. Find storage bins that you can keep under the bed or have ample storage space installed right inside the cabinet.

Place family photographs on the bedside tables or hang them on walls alongside the most impressive pieces of art. Place these on one wall so that you create an accent wall.

Place light reading materials such as newspapers and magazines inside the room. This is especially useful to people who need to rest because of jet lag.

Making guests feel welcome is as easy as prepping their room way before they arrive. Keep in mind, though, that your hospitality matters most so work on it, too!

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