The Grown Up Room: Transitioning from College Student to an Adult

Interior design, just like any endeavor in life, also improves gradually over time. The playroom which you remember so well from your childhood does not, at all, look like your college dorm room. And now that you’ve graduated from college and are ready to take on a new phase in your life, it’s about time that you also face the changes that need to come with regard to your room’s design.

Proper Mirrors

You are no longer in your dorm room so it’s time to let go of those unframed, taped-up mirrors. Your bathroom mirror should now have a grown-up look. And what could offer a more grown-up look than to have properly-framed mirrors in your bathroom?

Instead of defaulting to round ones, though, why not experiment with the shape? You can go for hexagonal frames or the more ornate ones.

Delineate with Area Rugs

Speak of frames, a carefully-chosen area rug will frame your furniture. It will serve as the anchor that will reinforce the look of the furniture pieces above it. It can also create a more polished look for your room.

This will only be true, however, if you chose the correct size of area rug to begin with. An area rug has to be large enough to have furniture pieces sit on it with at least two legs. If all four legs sit comfortably within the area rug, then the better.

If you happen to have a rug given to you by a friend or handed down to you by your family but does not fit your current room, then try using it in a smaller room. Remember that an area rug that feels too small in any given space will make the area look under-dressed.

Add a Headboard

You’re done with a youngster’s bed so it’s time to get serious and have a lovely headboard along with your bed. This is optional, though.

If you really must have a headboard now that you’re an adult, then choose a more dramatic one. Don’t go for the plain types. Instead, pick a more detailed pattern for your headboards such as floral or any pattern that you would instantly fall in love with.

Decorate the Bathroom with Paired Towels

This is an easy upgrade enough to make. All you need to buy is a towel set and have it prominently displayed in the bathroom. Of course, these towels wear out eventually so make sure that you have some lined up to replace your current one.

If you’re doubtful about the style of the towels, then go for the sophistication that white towels offer.

Styled Knobs

A grown-up home or room needs to have a grown-up doorknob. You’re all grown now so don’t ever settle for plastic or cheap metal knobs. Instead, upgrade to brushed brass or cut glass knobs.

Decorate with Pillows

Again, you’re already an adult so you need to start designing like one. If your sofa currently has two pillows, add a few pieces more. Pile up the cushions so you will have more layers and you will achieve a richer look.

Eventually, you will realize that with each additional design layer, you are also able to add personality, colors, and texture.

Add a Coffee Table

Now that you’re serious about becoming an adult, then it’s time to have your own coffee table. Have it set in the middle of your living area. Find a glass or stone-topped piece that comes in either round or diamond shape.

Your coffee table can also be your investment piece for your first living room as an adult.

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