Do You Grind Your Teeth? (Health Issues Roundup)


Do you or someone you know grind your teeth? This disorder is called Bruxism (tooth grinding) and it can be incredibly hard on your teeth and jaw, causing a lot of dental problems. Some of the most common reasons for Bruxism are stress, misaligned jaw, sleep apnea, and certain medications. If you grind your teeth often it can cause breakage, loosening, and even losing some teeth. Sometimes it can even be so bad as to grind them down to the gums and that can cause a whole other set of problems. This is a very serious problem that you should see a Toronto physician about and you should also visit us here at Fort York Dentist.

See Your Doctor First

When you have Bruxism you will sometimes grind your teeth in your sleep making it impossible to even know that you are doing it. In fact, the only way many people find out is if someone sleeping near them tells them. If you wake up with a headache often or with jaw pain you could possibly be grinding your teeth at night. It is best to see your Toronto physician first, to rule out any other medical issues that can be causing the Bruxism. Fort York Dentist can give you a referral to someone you should see if you do not have a physician.

Children and Bruxism

According to some studies, approximately 25 percent of children suffer from bruxism. That does not necessarily mean the child is stressed out, it could be a natural growth related reaction. Another reason children grind their teeth is because of ear pain or teething discomfort. Also, studies show that bruxism is hereditary but the kids who have it in adolescence most likely will outgrow it. If you think you have bruxism because you wake up with ear and jaw pain, you should call us and make an appointment to find out what is going on because bruxism is treatable.

How to Treat Bruxism

You may not realize there is an option for bruxism sufferers, but at Fort York Dentist we can fit you to a plastic mouth guard that will stop the damage to your teeth. You may still grind your teeth but the guard protects you from doing any harm. Also, some bruxism sufferers noted that they get relief from just sleeping in a different position or giving up caffeine or smoking at night.

Daytime Bruxism

It is much easier to control bruxism during the day because you can actually catch yourself doing it. The dentist at Fort York Dentist in Toronto can give you some tips and tricks to make it easier to handle, such as yoga or listening to music.

If you do not treat your bruxism you will probably end up needing a root canal, partials, or even dentures eventually. We do not want you to wait that long. Why be in pain all that time? Call Fort York Dentist in Toronto at (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300 and set an appointment today.


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