A Good Countertop: An Important Feature of Bathrooms and Kitchens


A good countertop is a kitchen or bathroom feature that survives its daily dose of rolling pins, knife slices, cookie cutters, hot trays, skincare chemicals, and many more. Your countertop will make that needed statement while also providing the functionality that you require from it.

Give your countertop choice much thought before you make your final decision. It is about time that you give your kitchen or your bathroom an attitude. Take note that the bathroom countertop will be holding lots of soap suds, spilled toiletries, steam from the showers and other chemical residues. This is why you need to invest in a countertop that is not just durable but also stain and moisture resistant.

Countertop Types

One of the leading choices for kitchen or bathroom countertop is granite. This kind of countertop is highly stain-resistant as well as very durable. Installing granite is also one way of telling the world that you want a high-end bathroom.

By far, granite is considered as the most durable material to use and the easiest to clean. There is an infinite variety of colors, styles, and finishes for the granite countertop so you won’t run out of options. Whatever theme you chose for your home, you will surely find a granite slab that suits it.

Next to granite, marble countertops are the next most popular. Marble is waterproof, also heat-resistant. Though it is porous (which means it can eventually trap in dirt and germs), marble is elegant and beautiful that it becomes easy to overlook its weaknesses.

Synthetic quartz is yet another material that you can consider for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. It is easy to clean and very durable so this is one of the leading options for bathroom makeovers.

Synthetic quartz can imitate the look of marble or granite and it is even more resistant to staining and scratching. Choose from many thickness and color options.

Laminated countertops are also quickly becoming one of the popular options these days. They are made from acrylics and paper. They can also be created from bonded plastic layers.

Dressy laminates are non-porous and durable so they are quite easy to clean. If you want an economical bathroom makeover then this is the easiest way to do it.

Concrete is a long-lasting material that you can choose for your countertop. This material can be easily molded into any size or shape. You can even go as far as experimenting on different dyes that will match the décor of your home.

As soon as you have installed concrete, you are assured that your countertop will be able to withstand heat and is completely sealed. Concrete is also a perfect material for homeowners that do not want countertop stains and germs.

Concrete offers an understated look for your bathroom or kitchen.

Now the great question is this – is wood a viable material for the kitchen or bathroom countertop?

If you want to add warmth and character to your kitchen, then you have to go the extra mile and install a wooden countertop. Wood may be pricier but it will give you the elegance, timeless beauty, and luxury that not a lot of materials can offer.

Wood is heat and stain resistant so it can be a great addition in your kitchen. When dry, it is bacteria-free so make sure that moisture won’t stay long on its surface.

Wood can be cleaned with the use of any mild, ammonia-free detergent. You can also disinfect it with equal parts of vinegar and water. If you want your wooden countertop to last, then be sure to re-oil it every 2-3 years.

A good countertop is many things; just make sure that you consider the material that suits your style and your habitat’s theme.

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