If your home seems to be constantly under-lit or dull, then it might be because your interior design is not allowing more light into your place. There are certain materials, styles and colors that can affect the overall ambience of any room. So what kind of materials should you use so that you get the best amount of illumination inside a room?

The Glass Tile Advantages

One of the materials in the market that is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners is the glass tile. Unlike stone or concrete, glass flooring instantly acts as a light reflector. This results in a more illuminated indoors and a more welcoming atmosphere.

Originally used in boats and tall buildings for more beautiful and breathtaking views of nature, glass is now being utilized in more concepts. This material when used in a different setting – such as your home – can bring about a beauty that has never been seen before.

Whether you would want to install a glass tile on the walls or floors, there are many positive reasons why you should choose this. First, glass now comes in a variety of colors making it delightful for the homeowner to look for the design or hue that satiates his personal taste.

A popular concept these days is the mosaic glass tile that is now seen around fireplaces, walls, and floors. The best-selling houses display glass tile backsplash surfaces in their kitchens.

Glass tiles are easy to shape or adjust according to the patterns that you want. If you want the glass tiles to match your existing interior design, then this is also easy since glass is an adaptable material.

If you love smooth and glossy finishes, then you should use glass tiles on your flooring. As opposed to the dullness of ceramic tiles or even porcelain, glass provides an elegant atmosphere that can blend well with any indoor furniture.

Glass is not porous unlike other materials as it is extremely watertight. This means that you won’t have to worry about moisture permeating to the surface and spurring the growth of mold and mildew.

Glass is also durable; it won’t stain, fade or scratch. When well maintained, glass can easily last for ten years or more. All it takes to clean glass is to have a sponge or cloth dipped in clean, soapy water. Make sure that the soap used does not have corrosive chemicals.

Glass tiles are also weather-resistant as they are proven to be resilient to the wettest or driest seasons. They are not just great indoors, they are also widely used in outdoor areas as well as inside swimming pools.

If you are on a budget and you would want to have glass tiles nevertheless, then you can purchase recycled glass tiles or those made of reclaimed materials. It takes less energy to manufacture these so you are also being environment friendly.

Adding beauty to your home has never been this easy – glass adds elegance and attractiveness in any room as it allows in more light while giving an unusual glow with the different colors that it comes in. Compact spaces would look more spacious if they consider glass walls or flooring as this material creates an illusion of spaciousness.

Glass is not a great conductor of heat so you can use it as an insulation material.  This means that you can better conserve heat inside your home and, in the process, conserve energy. You get to save heating bills as glass keeps the warmth where it should be which is inside your home.

Glass is quite attractive whether you use it on your walls or flooring. It can save you money while it provides perfect aesthetics. With glass, you will always be a stylish homeowner!

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