Glass In Interior Design – Take The Step That Not A Lot Would Make


People often have the idea that glass is mainly used to cover building exteriors. But did you know that this material is so flexible that it can also be effectively used to beautify and brighten up interiors? The classic beauty and subtlety of glass works perfectly in fusion with other materials like brick, wood, metal and concrete.

Allow yourself to be immersed with the numerous glass design ideas on the Internet. Choose from single, double or the laminated glazing types. Glass also now comes in a variety of colors from the traditional clear glass to grey, shades of blue and green. Even laminated glass can now come in a variety of colors. Thick glass is now a famous choice among furniture designers since they can use it atop wooden or metal tables.

Have you heard of the wired glass? This type of glass can be bought in colored, clear or patterns. This contains metal mesh which can give a raised pattern and also doubles as a safety feature since it can hold dangerous shards of glass if ever it is broken.

Varnished glass, on the other hand, is a type of glass that is coated on one side. The coat is an opaque varnish. This type also comes with different shades so it is easy for you to choose a hue that matches your home’s color scheme.

Glass is already inside many homes these days. Using this material to enhance interior design is now a revolutionary movement that many designers embrace. Glass can now be seen on countertops, as décor on walls, and as doors on shower encasement.

So, whether you want to use glass to let in more morning sun, or for any purpose for that matter; glass is obviously a material that you must not overlook.

Here are several ways that you can use glass in your home – 

Better Lighting

One of the best interior design tricks that you can use is to manipulate light and allow it to work in your favor. Light can make small rooms look and feel larger. Light also brings in a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Glass which brings in natural light may also be used to enhance or obscure certain views. Windows that come with expansive or mullion glass can give you a breathtaking view of nature outside. Glass, of course, is the best tool to reflect light and illuminate surfaces.

Unique Furniture

There are just so many uses for glass that it is now fused with other materials to create the most beautiful chairs, tables, vanities, mirrors and even heirloom pieces. The list could actually go on and on with many offices and homes now looking more sophisticated with glass included in their styling.

Just pair glass with leather, wood or metal and you get the urbanized aesthetics. Use it with the more traditional ornate lines and what you get are furniture pieces that are the talk of the town.

Unique Functions

When talking about kitchen countertops, do you often think of wood or granite? Have you ever – even remotely – considered using glass on the kitchen countertop? What about installing a glass wall in the bathroom? Do you think that is even a feasible idea for your home?

Many homes now use glass in unique ways, with kitchens and bathrooms made more enchanting. Have you seen a divider wall between a master bedroom and the master bathroom? Glass blocks allow light to pass through while keeping a little privacy to the bathroom user. Choose from a variety of glass materials that you can use in different rooms inside your home.

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