Did you know that a room would instantly look and feel more inviting, even comfortable, if you arrange the furniture around one focal point? There are architectural features that are focal points just as there are furniture pieces and accessories that can become focal points, too.

Important Points Getting Comfy with Focal Points

  1. Determine the Focal Point
  2. A Focal Point Is Visually Pleasing
  3. Designing Around Uncomplimentary Focal Points

Determine the Focal Point

Begin looking around your home to find out what the house’s biggest structure is. This can be the fireplace in your living room or it can be those French windows overlooking a picturesque scene outside. It can also be that bookcase featuring your hard-earned collection of books.

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If a room does not have any distinguishing architectural feature, then go to the next step by pointing out the largest furniture in that area. This one piece of furniture could become your focal point.

A Focal Point Is Visually Pleasing

Always remember that a focal point must be pleasant to look at. It must have interesting textures or vivid colors that will make the beholder look in awe.

The creation of a focal point can be as easy as focusing on one piece of artwork. This can be your own masterpiece or the work of your favored artist. Whatever you end up choosing, this one piece of art should be the central figure in that room. Whether you highlight it with light or the arrangement of furniture, that’s totally up to you.

A wall painting that comes in a totally different color from the rest of the design elements will definitely command attention.

A floral arrangement can also become a focal point as can a beautiful shelf or bookcase. Even a hardwood coffee table with a book or two can easily get the attention of visitors.

Another visually pleasing sight is an outdoor view. This can also become your focal point so long as you orient the furniture pieces indoors as well as those outside, to take advantage of the window zones.

One of the best ways to highlight or enhance a focal point is to use lighting. A beautiful lighting fixture can either highlight the focal point or it can be the focal point.

Designing Around Uncomplimentary Focal Points

These days, it is common to find a huge, flatscreen TV competing for attention with the fireplace. These are both big and they automatically draw attention as soon as you enter the room. A lot of homeowners are dealing with these competing features by hanging the flatscreen right above the fireplace. If you choose to do the same, make sure that you consult an electrician so that he can help you install the TV safely in a position where it won’t be damaged by the fireplace’s heat.

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If placing the flatscreen above the fireplace is not a good idea for you, then you can also create multiple seating zones or areas in the living room. For instance, the smaller furniture pieces can be grouped while the bigger pieces go together. The TV could then be the main feature for your smaller group while the bigger group can huddle in front of the flickering fireplace.

Views can also compete with other room aspects. For instance, the view might compete for attention with the – guess what – fireplace. If this is the case in your home, then solve this dilemma by creating a perpendicular seating area with the fireplace.

Use low chairs and position them along the windows. The people can then take advantage of the great view while also enjoying the fireplace which is at the center of the room.

Understanding the space’s function can also help you determine the best way to feature your focal points. More often than not, it is as simple as a furniture layout that will solve the issue.

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