George Dimov, CPA Reviews on Yelp

George Dimov, CPA Reviews on Yelp

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Individual Tax Preparation, Business Taxes (LLC, single-member sole prop, s corp., c corp., partnership returns), Bookkeeping, Cryptocurrency Taxation, RSU & Stock Option Taxation, Fixing IRS/State Notice such as CP2000, Tax Attorney, Forensic Accounting, Verification of Income, CPA Letter, Excel Modeling, Property Management Accounting, Business Valuations and M&A Consulting, Income Projections, Private Equity Taxation, CPA services, Audit, Review, Compilation, Married Filing Joint vs. Separate analysis, Alternative Minimum Tax, Tax Strategy, New Tax Bill, etc.


Established in 2006.

Licensed New York State CPA. We are available to serve the community 7 days per week for your tax and accounting needs. Alternative office in Midtown at 211 E 43rd. Text/call 212-641-0673 for appointment.

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Hi! Feel free to message us anytime with any tax questions and we will be glad to assist!

Contact Info:
(866) 996-4306
211 E 43rd St New York, NY 10017

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