Garage Conversion – Should It Be Your Next DIY Project?


Garage conversion is a relatively easy and an affordable job. Yet before you begin, you need to learn and consider a few things. Note that not all garages can be converted because some are shoddily built while others are simply too old which means they could be filled with asbestos. Only continue with your plan to renovate if your garage was professionally built and has block or brick as materials.

It is easy to transform a garage into an annex kitchen or any living space provided you have enough budget to spend. A lot of homeowners opt for garage space conversion for different purposes. Some are welcoming a new member of their family so a new bedroom is necessary. Others want to have a guest room where their relatives can sleep in when they want to pay a visit. Still others want the garage to be turned into a kid’s room or study space. Many home offices were former garages that were no longer being used.

A garage already has existing structures and wiring system so it is easy to convert it into another room.

What To Do

A basic epoxy coating is made from a synthetic polymer that creates a strong, plastic-like layer. Metallic epoxy coatings come in various colors, designs, and textures. Professionally installed epoxy floors are perfect for garages and other spaces where there’s constant foot traffic or accidental spills.

Begin by asking for advice from a surveyor. Since garages are often found at a different level from your house, the project may require that the floor be raised or lowered. The conversion could also necessitate lowering or raising the ceilings. Sometimes there is a need to do this if you want the new room to fuse with the rest of the house.

There are also things that you need to replace such as the garage door and windows. You might also be required to look for additional bricks so that your builder and designer will be able to blend the new room with the rest of the rooms in your home.

Other things that you need to consider are insulation and heating, ones that are usable all year round. Lighting and plumbing are also necessary. Security is yet another feature that you need to worry about and this can be ensured if you religiously follow building regulations.

Getting the work done on your own could be difficult if you do not know where to begin and how to go about with the project. If you take on the task yourself, then expect to learn how to plaster, decorate and furnish on your own. If there are any structural changes that need to be done then it will become a more complex job since it will require knocking down of walls. In this case, it is impossible to take on this project because you will already need the help of an architect or an expert garage conversion company.

A DIY garage conversion project can take anywhere from 10 days to a number of months. Step 1 is to build wall frames with 2×4 lumber. Build from the ground then erect and fasten them onto the ceiling beam upon completion. Drill holes then bolt the frames to the floor. Match the frames with the door that you have chosen.

Have an electrician add outlets or switch boxes where necessary. As for the insulation, this is necessary in colder regions or for sound proofing if you are going to use the garage as a home theatre soon.

After this, hang drywall, cover the ceiling and walls taking into account the location of every fixture. Finish the drywall then ask for some helping hands with the flooring and carpeting. Staple the padding then the carpet, adding more padding if you want more softness.

Lastly, attach and trim the door in order to complete your project. Check if the door opens and closes without any effort.

If all these don’t make sense to you, then you might as well hire garage conversion specialists – it’s the best way to go.

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