COMING VERY SOON: The Hooker Furniture Living Room Maya Wing Club Chair will look perfect when placed on a neutral backdrop.

There is something really interesting with contrasting hues especially in design. When used properly, opposing colors could actually create drama. This fusion can be scary, though, for some homeowners who are not used to elegant and polished looks brought about by dissimilarity.

The proper use of contrast can keep a room from looking overly dark or light. There are a lot of ways to work with opposing tones and hues but it is always the simplest methods that work.

You can focus on pairing the light hues with the dark finishes. As you do this, you will surely be surprised at how even opposite colors can create the loveliest harmonies.

Wood + Light Blue

One timeless look that you can create in a bedroom is the fusion of icy blue and wooden colors. These can make any bedroom look more romantic. The wooden hues can go to your furnishings while the icy blue can be the color of your walls.

This setup becomes way cooler if you have a south-facing bedroom. This would mean that this room receives an awful lot of sunlight, hence, it looks frosty and refreshing. If you are up to it, you can also add fabrics with bright colors and bold patterns.

What you achieve is a dazzling look that is difficult to ignore.

White Counters with Dark Cabinets

White-walled kitchens can still have white counters for as long as there is a darker hue to contrast the ensemble somewhere. While shabby chic kitchens are extremely hot, it pays to still want a tad of coziness.

To achieve this, combine the stark white colors with dark-colored cabinets. The space has to have plenty of lighting. If you want more warmth, then turn the walls to something earthy. This is timely since fall is coming very soon.

An Accent Color to Boost

Neutral spaces can still create the most amazing contrasts. So this means that even if you love bright colors, you can still add a mixture of neutrals to control the look. If your fear of overdoing the design is what’s keeping you from experimenting, then just add a bright accent color for now then make sure that it is also evenly distributed throughout the room.


Dark and light colors become a lot nicer when you are able to replicate them. The living room colors can begin with a pair of chairs which mimic the contrasting hues on your palette. The light-colored millwork and coffee-colored floors can also be repeated on the dual chairs’ dark frames and their white upholstery.   

Light Yellow and Light Gray

Bathrooms painted light gray are versatile. They can be styled as a contemporary space or a classic one. For a more vintage appeal, add gleaming bronze faucets, hardware, shower heads, and fixtures. Dark elements such as these do tend to stand out from a lighter background. This will give your bathroom a vintage appeal.

Go for Two-tone

You can fuse things in a space through the application of two separate looks. Chocolate brown stain on the cabinets will warm the kitchen while a warm white color for others can add the needed contrast without compromising the harmony.

Maximize natural lighting if you happen to have a window right by your stairwell. This is a place where you don’t have to worry about colors and just opt for the generic white paint.

Always keep your design interesting by doing a two-tone technique. Have the risers painted white and the treads stained with an espresso color. With every step, you will just love the chic look that you have just achieved.

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