Furniture Shopping: Where To Find The Best Deals

What sort of furniture do your eyes veer to? Just imagine an antique hutch dresser, a cherry wood dining table or an elegant four-poster brass bed and you get to picture beauty. If you are out to furnish a new home or would want to let go of your old furnishings, you have to know where to find the best deals for the most beautiful furniture pieces of this time.

Furniture Shopping

Going to department stores as well as furniture shops is a good way to begin your shopping expedition. Such stores have a huge selection of furniture pieces so you can search for the ones that are most suitable to your budget. These venues are definitely worth checking out especially when they are offering bargain sales.

You may also want to search for price clubs as such outlets offer the best furniture all year round. If you are looking for pieces that reflect the best quality then these are the best places to go to.

There are also discount superstores throughout the country but be prepared to find average furniture here. You are not likely to find fine furniture in these shops but they can offer regular furnishings that can become supporting or filler pieces. So if you want cheap but functional computer desks, dining room chairs, side tables or stools, then you can visit these superstores.

Thrift shop bonanzas can offer complete bedroom sets with nightstands, dresser and bureau – with headboard, footboard and all – for a price that is lower than $500 USD! Do not worry if you cannot find the pieces that you want at first glance, just be sure to tell the salespeople about what you want and when the right sets come in, these people might be able to call you.

If you want to find floor models as well as used furniture, you can always seek consignment store bargains. Here is where you can find teak rolltop desks that are priced at $698 but can easily sell for $1,600 if it was new.

There can also be great finds in garage sales. Take time to scour yard sales since these can pay off handsomely. Be sure to look for signs or ads showing furniture sale especially in the most affluent neighborhoods. Sure, you may pay a tad more but you are out to get furniture that will last a long time.

Flea markets are also wonderful sources of both old and new furniture. You have to be an expert to get the best merchandise, though. Showing a bit of confidence helps a lot in haggling for a better price for that lovely chair and wood furniture pieces. If you find upholstery that is not looking good anymore, all you have to do is to reupholster and you’ve got yourself great looking pieces once more.

Do not go to auctions or bidding wars since these can overprice the pieces that you originally wanted. If you truly want a piece and someone bids higher than you did, then your tendency is to bid a bit more. This is when things can get out of control.

Haggling Tips

  • Be sure to dress down as you visit garage shops or flea markets. Show up in your designer clothing and you are going to pay higher prices.
  • Be friendly to the seller, make sure to smile at them and say a warm hello.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for discount, sure they might say no but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
  • Haggling means you offer an amount that is less than what you are willing to pay. This way, when the seller hits your ceiling price, it still won’t hurt you.
  • Point pout any damage or flaws and you will surely be given discounts.

Lastly, buy in bulk so that you get to save a lot.

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