Finding A Focal Point – Why It Shouldn’t Be Difficult (#Link Roundup)


When you are presenting a room in your home, finding a focal point should be one of the primary things that you should look into. Focal points are also called interest points and both terms refer to one of the elements in a room which draws the most attention. More often than not, interest points are parts of a bigger architectural form but, sometimes, these can also be elements that are created by the homeowners themselves.

If you are uncertain about how to find the focal points in different rooms throughout your home, you might be surprised once you learn about what can be considered as a satisfying interest point. The fireplace, for instance, automatically becomes any room’s focal point. It is just wrong to drown this architectural part of the home with any other interior design element.

So what could also be considered as effective interest points? When you are in the den and you are enjoying the warm rays of the sun, it is easy to have your eyes fall upon a large picture on an otherwise bare wall. Also, a huge glass window can also serve as a natural view to the open sea or a beautiful landscape. 

Common Focal Points  

The creation of a focal point in a room can be easily achieved by hanging an artwork on one of the walls. You can also consider flanking a side of one room with a beautiful hanging rug. Having fur accents in a room can also pique your visitors’ interest. Remakes of well known paintings like the Starry Night would be great pieces to hang. If you feel creative enough, you can also create rows of shelves with unique designs such as a circular display.

Entertainment systems can also serve as interest points especially when the flatscreen HDTV is set right smack in the middle.

A focal point allows homeowners to make beautiful atmospheres in different rooms. It can complete a room and make drab areas appear fab.

Rooms will feel more inviting and much more comfortable if the furniture arrangement as well as the accessories harmonize to lead to a focal point. A focal point can be a mirror, a special family picture or it can be a dramatic furniture piece. 

Searching for an Interest Point

To find the biggest and most interesting feature in a room, you need to search for the structure that leads away your attention from all the other design elements. An example is a picture window, a fireplace, a bookcase, even a single wall that was painted differently from the rest.

If there are not architectural features that are distinctive enough for you, then the next thing that you need to find are the biggest furniture pieces. A huge sofa in the middle of a living room can be the beautiful focal point. An interesting China cabinet in the dining area should steal the show from any other element.

Finding a focal point means being able to distinguish textures, colors and features that pop out. These are the visually appealing stuff in a room. If you want to create a focal point, you can focus on an important piece of artwork, shelving or the most beautiful floral arrangements.

Anything that is the first thing that you notice once you enter the room should be the focal point. If at all possible, have your furniture arrangement built around the focal point.

If you are using an outdoor view as your focal point, be sure to arrange the furniture indoors and even those outside to take advantage of the scenic view.

Use different elements to highlight the focal point such as correct lighting and contrasting colors. Finding a focal point need not take too much time. These guidelines should help you find that interesting piece right away.

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