How to Find Real Estate, Construction, Interior Design and Ancillary Companies for Sale


Starting an enterprise on your own is a commendable effort but sometimes acquiring an already running business with proven business model, monetization methods etc. is a great way to become a business owner as then you can solely focus on expanding the business and profits instead of getting caught up in the legwork of legal setup and compliance which are already done by the original business owner.

If you are in the business of real estate, construction or allied services or have experience in it and are looking for a company to buy then you strategy to do so would differ depending on your depth of experience, your strengths, your forte and passions.

As a starting point, following are the things you should keep in mind while acquiring a company for sale before actually finding a business for sale.

  1. Size of the business: One obvious way to look at an acquisition would be to acquire a company with the most profits, successful run rate, a great team and one which is growing rapidly. However, it is not necessary that you have the required appetite to run such a business. Understand the size of the business that is most suitable for your acquisition.
  2. Domain: Align your forte with the right domain or industry preference for acquisition. It makes sense to acquire a company in a domain that you already have some experience in rather than making a bet of a foreign domain with no experience.
  3. Stage of the business: Some businesses might have generated stable profits over the past few years others might be aggressively focusing on increasing their revenue numbers before turning in a profit. Look for the right stage to get into a business according to your needs.

How to then find the right real estate, construction and other companies for sale?

For obvious reasons business owners keep the information about the sale of their business secret or entrust with them few trusted business brokers or an online deal matching platform like SMERGERS Dot Com to reach out to parties interested in buying their business.

Here are three ways you can find businesses for sale:

  1. Identifying business owners and directly calling them: While this may seem like the easiest and most obvious method but you need to understand that business owners usually shy away from discussing the sale of their business openly. Instead you can hire a middleman who can understand the needs of both the parties and if it is suitable then make an introduction for example SMERGERS Dot Com is one such platform which helps its clients(the business owners and buyers) assess each other’s interest levels before making an introduction.
  2. Hiring a business broker: Business brokers specialize in buying and selling of businesses and you can easily reach out to business brokers who operate in your industry and avail their services. Most business owners again use online platforms like SMERGERS to find companies for sale but they will hand hold you through the entire process of business buying.
  3. Online Mergers and Acquisitions website: There are quite a number of business listing websites, but very few provide the confidentiality of connecting buyers and sellers of businesses like SMERGERS dot com.

You can visit the SMERGERS website to find real estate, construction, interior design, home furnishing and other such businesses for sale.

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