Where to Find the Best Sofa Varieties in Sacramento, CA?


There is nothing more comforting to do in your living room than to recline in your sofa as you watch your favorite TV program. The sofa, after all, is one of the most important furniture pieces in your entire home. Every home in California or in any part of the world has a sofa in its living room. Even commercial areas now offer a comfortable sofa where visitors could lounge. So which furniture stores Sacramento CA can provide you with the best pieces?

Sofa – A Focal Furniture

Typically, the sofa is the central piece in any living or drawing room. This is the perfect furniture to cover that expansive living room as it also provides several seating for you and your guests.

There are many kinds of sofas in the market these days as there are equally many luxurious sofa materials that are now being used. Here are some of the sofa types that are sold in thousands each year –

Full-size couches: These couches often accommodate three or more individuals. They are often used as an anchor piece for the rest of the living room furniture sets. This sofa type is often seen in living and family rooms. They are quite comfortable and are the best options for entertaining guests.

Traditional curved sofas: In a contemporary world, one would think why people still seek out the traditional furniture designs. Sharp cuts and straight lines comprise the latest furniture pieces in the market; however, those who choose to go for the classic look will find very limited options in contemporary pieces.

Just imagine this C-shaped furniture in the middle of your living room and right in front of your widescreen TV or fireplace – now isn’t that a lovely sight? 

Reclining sofas: A recliner sofa often provides various degrees of elevation and reclining. It is now up to you to choose between fabric or leather finish; the size of the sofa; and the mechanism of your recliner (manual or automatic).

Ask your local furniture stores Sacramento CA for budget-specific features. Recliners are often made of leather and has cushioning which is why they are often bulky. These work best in the most spacious living rooms. 

Loveseats: For less spacious living rooms, the loveseat is the perfect solution. As its name defines, it can provide a seat for two persons.

  • The traditional British loveseat is often made with exposed hardwood and a floral or plain fabric.
  • A reclining loveseat has a base that is often fixed but the backs are separately reclinable.
  • The armless loveseat provides a more exotic look for your home as it does not offer any armrest.
  • The sleeper loveseat is great for studio apartments as it can double up as a bed for those unexpected guests. It comes with spring mattress and extendable frame.

Sectionals: These are the L-shaped sofas that are commonly placed against the living room walls. They are a combination of loveseat and full-sized couch, with some offering a reclining option.

The Best Sofa Fabrics

Leather: This is a sofa fabric that can be considered a class of its own. It is rich, modern and extremely chic. It can blend fairly well in both contemporary and traditional themes.

For homes with pets that shed fur a lot, leather is the best option as cleaning becomes a breeze. A downside to it? It is not scratch-resistant so be very careful in putting Kitty beside you as you watch your favorite TV show.

Faux leather: Leather can get really expensive so this is the next best choice. It is also durable and can even be more resistant to pet misbehaviors. 

Microfiber: This is best for homes with children and pets as it comes with closely-woven fabrics. It can be easily cleaned once soiled so it is essentially a low maintenance piece.

Acrylic: This can resemble wool, hence, it can provide a soft feel to your sofa. It is stain and wrinkle-resistant.

Silk: This is best for sofas that are used during special occasions only as it is difficult to maintain.

So which sofa type and materials caught your fancy?

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