Executive Office Chair – How to Choose The Right Office Chair?

Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

Being a Wonder Woman isn’t always easy, but a powerful executive office chair can definitely help! With so many styles, shapes, and sizes of office furniture to choose from, we know that being overwhelmed can hit you faster than a hot knife through butter!

But – fear not – we’ve got you covered!

So, push that indecisiveness away and let us help you find an executive office chair perfect for you and your workspace.

Rustic Chic Executive Office Chairs

Rustic Chic Executive Office Chair
Rustic Chic Executive Office Chair

If you’re looking to incorporate some color into your workspace, adding a bold executive office chair is a perfect move. While pops of color can be added throughout your office in many different ways, making a statement with your office chair is a great way to let your personality really shine through!

For rustic chic decor, color can go a long way and make a huge difference. Featuring an office chair with your desired pop of color will prove to be a trendy and adventurous selection — don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Now, if you’re a rustic gal like us, you already know that you can never go wrong with turquoise. Add in some alligator side panels to boot, and you’ve got the whole package! Our McSween Executive Chair is all of that and some! With its soft turquoise leather and intricate details, this executive office chair is perfect for any rustic chic decor – or even anyone looking to make a statement with an office chair!

Cozy Rustic Executive Office Chairs

You know your office is meant to be a place to get work done, but let’s be real — every office could use a little cozy touch from time-to-time! If you’re a busy-bee stressed with those never-ending deadlines, incorporating some relaxing touches throughout your workspace can be extremely beneficial.

If you’re searching for a cozy executive office chair, comfort should be the first priority (obviously), but you should also aim for an office chair that not only complements your style but also is aesthetically pleasing to its surroundings. Look for something you’ll enjoy looking at, not just sitting in, day in and day out. To achieve a rustic style, executive office chairs with any leather, wood, or fur (faux or real) will definitely do the trick. Incorporating fur into any rustically styled workspace is a perfect way to add a cozy feel.

A perfect example of both comfort and style is our Lynn Executive Swivel Tilt Chair. Not only does it offer a soft but firm fur seat, it also features a swivel base that allows for great mobility throughout your workspace. Even better? It features beautifully-rich leather, which gives it a great sleek yet rustic look. A perfect addition that’ll bring a touch of coziness to any office decor!

Traditional Style Executive Chairs

Traditional Style Executive Chair

If you enjoy timeless style full of comfort and class, a traditional style is great for you. This style of decor is full of rich colors, leathers, and wood, which allows you to incorporate formal pieces to your workspace and achieve a beautiful, classic look. And don’t be worried about your office getting stuffy! Contrary to popular belief, traditional decor offers a perfect homey and comfortable feel when balanced correctly.

When selecting an executive office chair for a traditionally styled office, aim for a chair that incorporates a leather texture and rich, earthy tones. In office settings, traditional chairs tend to be a major focal point since they’re typically designed to be showstoppers. So, if you’re in the market for a traditional executive office chair, make sure it flows with the color scheme you currently have in place. If you’re not too sure about a color selection, a safe bet would be sticking to rich browns, light browns, and hints of gold.

Those colors will offer a refreshing contrast to any office while maintaining a classic feel, and our Deep in the Heart of Texas is a perfect choice! This chair offers a timeless style with its classic walnut leather and a stamp of our very own version of the state seal of Texas – a traditional beauty for sure!

Rustic-Chic-Meets-Traditional Office Chairs

Rustic-Chic-Meets-Traditional Office Chair

Workspaces are a great area to fuse differing styles. When selecting an executive office chair that offers both a rustic chic and traditional look, it comes down to balance.

To incorporate traditional touches, stick rich browns and wooden textures. An office chair with a wooden frame offers just enough traditional style without overpowering a desired rustic chic look. Animal prints and fresh colored fabrics are the way to go! Contrasting animal prints with lighter tones creates a great contrast against a darker, wooden frame.

A great example is our Nordeen Executive Chair. It has a beautifully carved wooden frame, rich brown leather, and embossed zebra panels — a beautiful print that’s hard to ignore!

Office Chairs with a Hint of Baroque Style

Luxury, class, and grandeur – oh my! Those three things are exactly what baroque style is all about. If you’re looking for a throne-like executive office chair, baroque style is perfect for you. Baroque furniture pieces are typically designed in a free and sculptural way that typically evokes a dramatic effect.

When looking for an executive office chair with hints of baroque style, keep an eye out for telltale details incorporated within the frame of the chair. Whether it’s a gold or wooden frame, baroque office chairs almost always have intricate, swirled carvings, which help give this style an elegant and luxurious look!

Another great way to get a hint of baroque style in an office chair? The color palette. You’ll want to search for that marble finished look with a mix of beautiful colors! Need an example? Our Oakley Alligator Executive Chair offers hints of baroque style with its throne-like structure, swirled carvings, and marble-finished leather. Have fun in your selection and don’t be afraid to treat yo self, queen!

At the end of the day, when selecting an executive office chair it’s important to take into account your personal style, your current office decor, and what you hope to achieve by adding it to your decorative repertoire — Comfort? Style? Maybe both!

No matter what you decide, make sure your executive office chair reflects your personality and brings you and your workspace nothing but satisfaction.

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