Everything You Need for Designing a Cozy TV Room

Sometimes, the most cherished family time is spent at home bingeing a new series, rediscovering a favorite childhood movie, or scouring every streaming service for something new to watch. The area your TV resides in isn’t just for watching the game — it’s a gathering place for friends and family to relax, let loose, and enjoy being with each other. If you’re going to be spending quality time with your loved ones in your TV room, make it cozy and comfortable.

Brumbaugh’s has the TV room furniture you need to create a veg-worthy space that doesn’t sacrifice the elevated style of your home. From the coziest couches to consoles that will beautifully support your room’s centerpiece, we have everything you could possibly need to design the perfect TV room. Read below for some of our favorites that will perfect your cozy entertainment area.

Kick Back

Recreate that classic reclining cinema chair feel, but with much more elegance. Our recliners enhance the beautiful style of your home, while still keeping you comfortable through even the longest movies (we’re looking at you, Gone With the Wind). Certain models like the HL Recliner and the Sundance Recliner also feature cushioned armrests, so you can finally claim both armrests at the movies for once. Plush with luxurious leather, suede, or fabric coverings, we guarantee you won’t want to leave your seat. So, put your feet up and enjoy the show!

HL Recliner
Tobacco Sundance Recliner
HL Recliner
Tobacco Sundance Recliner
HL Recliner
Tobacco Sundance Recliner


Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting can truly make or break your viewing experience. Too bright, and a suspenseful show is ruined; too dark, and it becomes hard to socialize or laugh along during a comedy. Our Mesquite Lamps are here to create the perfect atmosphere for your TV room. Available in four sizes, there’s sure to be one that will fit and brighten your space. The soft lighting will help you stay connected and engaged with friends and family, while still being invested in whatever you’re watching. And, let’s be honest, it’ll help provide a little bit of comfort for those really scary movies, too.

The More the Merrier

What’s family time without the entire family? Maximize your seating capacity with one of our sectionals. Comfortably seat all your kids, their friends, your in-laws, your neighbors, your neighbor’s neighbors . . . you get the point. With seating capacity ranging from four people to eight, this is the perfect piece to bring people together. We even have a Reclining Sectional, so everyone can relax to the fullest. Round up everyone you can think of for a marathon of your favorite show – just because you can.

Four Seater Reclining Sectional

The Perfect Snack Bar

The most important thing about movie night (other than the movie) is, of course, the snacks. We suggest piling the buckets of popcorn, candy, and an unusually large soda or two onto one of our beautifully handcrafted coffee tables. Our Cadillac Coffee Table is large enough to handle your snack buffet, while still bringing an elegant feel with its stunning leg details. So, bring on the movie theatre butter – these tables are built to last.

Cadillac Coffee Table

Tear Jerker

For those sad scenes that make you teary-eyed every time, we have just the thing. Our Square Stamped Tissue Box Cover will transform your trusty tissue box from a bland cardboard box into a stylish piece of decor for your side table. Crafted from nickel silver and hand-tooled by skilled artisans, this practical item also brings an element of luxe. Keep watching those romantic comedies and Titanic on repeat, we’ve got you covered in style.

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