Everything Gothic and Beautiful (Weekend Link Roundup)


When you hear the words Victorian Gothic, what do you immediately envision? Perhaps you would create a mental picture of a huge house bathed in a sea of black. It borders creepy and haunted, don’t you think?

Well, it’s time to alter that notion. In reality, Victorian gothic was an architectural movement which dates all the way back to the early 1700s, more specifically, the 1740s. This era was rich with ornate architecture and the most gorgeous interiors.

There are many reasons why this style is still in even at our time. This so-called Gothic Revival is a movement that brings back the ornate beauty of Gothic into homes of today. If you want to recreate the look yourself, then here are some tips –

Don’t forget elegance

Victorian Gothic is not all about drama and making a blunt statement. More than anything, it spells fabulousness and elegance through its curved furniture, high-end textiles, and decorative details.

If high-end, dramatic statement are for you, then you will thrive in a Victorian Gothic setting.

Say yes to wallpaper

This is one of the must-have items of Victorian Gothic styling. There are many patterned wallpapers to choose from if you want to be unique in your rendition of a Victorian Gothic home.

If you like the traditional look that this style offers, then consider adding wallpaper with elegant textures and patterns of brocade or damask. For a more extreme drama and elegance, you could consider the pricier yet lovelier wallpapers flocked with velvet.

Choose rich colors like gold, deep burgundy, or black to flaunt your Victorian Gothic flair.

If wallpapers are too big of a commitment for you, then you can go for gold-colored paint instead. Find out which colors are most suitable to this style below –

Choose Victorian Gothic hues

Black is an absolute addition to any Victorian Gothic color palette. While this is so, be careful in using it. Use it wisely and moderately unless you really do want your house to look like it’s haunted.

All the rich colors of this elegant era are represented by ruby red, dark shades of blue, emerald green, deep burgundy, and of course gold. Dark earthy colors are also acceptable on walls. If not, you can always default to stone or brick walls or trim elements.

Choose the right Gothic fabrics

Just like you picking wall coverings, you also need to be extra careful in choosing the fabrics that you’d use inside a Victorian Gothic home. Find the ones that are, again, dramatic and elegant. Velvet and silk draperies can add a dramatic and spectacular statement on style.

Look also for fabrics such as satin and velvet with bold patterns, colors, and textures. Use velvet on your upholstery and curtains. You can also use satin on bedding, curtains, and pillows.

As you choose your tapestries, picture an antique one that’s hanging from a high-ceiling home. The most amazing tapestries can be used – not just in these vaulted ceilings but also – on pillows and upholstery.

Now that you know which fabrics to use, it’s time to pick your draperies. The 1740s draperies were both decorative and functional. The chief purpose of the curtain panel was to keep the drafts from getting in. Since you’re holding back the chill, be sure to use heavy curtain panels that are layered over your windows. You can also do the same thing on your doorways.

Don’t forget to don you draperies with opulent tiebacks, tassels, and fringes. Such embellishments add yet another layer of drama.

Essentially, anything that hints at drama and glamour can be added to your Victorian Gothic ensemble.

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