Enhancing Video Quality in Three, Easy Steps [Link Roundup]


Video content is a crucial asset in many company marketing campaigns. It is believed that about 90% of internet traffic is now expected to be video. This is understandable since approximately 93% of viewers go elsewhere when they do not find something interesting on a site. When the one minute mark is reached, this percentage goes higher at 44%. After watching for two minutes and not getting any value from the video, 60% of people simply bail. Here below I have got an useful video on google.


Keep in mind that videos are being judged according to presentation, content, style, production quality, and valuable information presented. This means that you have to give your audience a remarkable content in order to maintain contact with them. But what makes an incredible video? Here are some tips that you can follow to enhance the quality of your video –

Be Unique. Plan.

Being prepared means a lot of things. This means that you must already be prepared by the time that you step into your location. Some producers may say that they just wing it but not a lot could do it in real life. If you risk winging it, then you could end up with a sloppy-looking, unprofessional video that will only die down with the rest of the unknown videos out there.

To prepare, you have to know that time is of the essence. Focus your efforts on finding and preparing all the thing that you need days (or even weeks) before the shoot. It is also important that you present an original concept. Taking the easy route by copying someone else’s work is also the easiest route to not reaching your objective which is to be recognized in the shortest possible amount of time.

Being organized means planning from the pre-production stage till the time that the script is written, till the moment that a storyboard is drawn, and prepped even when in the process of selecting your video subjects, up till the moment when the director tells the actors to start saying their lines.

Another thing that you have to put your energies into is the set. The environment on your video will be scrutinized by your audience so shoot in an office if the scene calls for an office.

Be Up On Your Toes. Shoot.

Make it a point to shoot your footage as perfectly as you possibly can. Of course you can always edit later on but you save time if you do it right the first time. Make use of good sound quality from the onset. You would also want to use the correct kind of light so that your footage is not under or overexposed. Use essential equipment such as tripod and a high-end camera to get the best shots.

Achieve a Perfect Video Flow

Post-production, be sure to align your video flow with the kind of emotional response that you would like to elicit from your viewers. The structure, tone, even the pacing of the video can influence the efficacy of the video.

Be sure to optimize the video text by using titles and texts that are sharp and classy.

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