Emergency Electrician – Are You In Need Of One?


If you have an electrical issue that needs to be solved right away then you need the help of an emergency electrician. When confronted with immediate electrical solutions, then it is best to call an expert right away. Delaying to solve electrical emergencies might lead to worse problems or more dangerous situations. A lot of electricians, these days, provide 24/7 numbers to ensure that your problem is addressed in the quickest possible manner.

First, Is It Really An Emergency?

Before you panic, an important thing to remember is to know the difference between a scenario that poses real danger and the ones that can be solved on your own. Emergency service, after all, typically costs more than standard service because the electrician has to go to your place outside of normal work hours.

A good example of an emergency is when you already lost power and that you have a business to tend to. A restaurant, for instance, cannot do without electricity for a very long time. This can cause extensive business and inventory loss so immediate action is needed.

Seeing electrical problems in your business or home is not only an inconvenience but also a danger catalyst so if something goes wrong, it is just right to prevent it by calling an electrician. But what if the problem occurred in the middle of the night or during a Sunday? What do you do then?

An emergency electrician can, fortunately, help you out during this dire situation. Find a reputable company that does work even during weekends, holidays and during ungodly hours. While there are numerous electricians in your state, the services of emergency electricians differ because they can provide assistance anytime that you need them.

What to Look For in Emergency Electricians

  • First, it is important to consider the emergency electrician’s experience. The company must be a well-established and reputable company with several years of experience under their belt.
  • The emergency electrician must be professional, qualified and congenial. While being friendly may seem insignificant at first, know that you will deal with this expert for a number of hours, perhaps even days, so know if you can jive with his personality. If not, there are many other options out there.
  • An emergency electrician must also be reliable. This means that the company he belongs to is able to provide quick service just when they are needed most. Also, they can supply reliable brands and quality components.
  • An emergency electrician must be able to offer a full list of electrical services such as the installation, maintenance or repair of security lighting, safety alarms, stoves, ovens, hot water systems, garden lighting, TV systems, outlets, replacement of blown fuses, circuit breakers, and just about any electrical project under the sun.

So when should you not hire an emergency electrician? If the electrical supply in your home goes kaput, you might be tempted to call an electrician right away but check if other homes in your area are also out of power. Keep in mind that emergency electricians can charge as much as $40 to a hundred bucks just by paying a visit to your property! So check things out first.

Hourly rates vary according to the service that is required as well as the location. Basic electric work is charged anywhere between $40 to $100 while it can go as high as $120 every hour for more complex electrical troubleshooting.

As soon as you have established that you really need an electrician, remember the details that you will need to discuss with him. If you can, find out the source of the problem right away. If you have no clue whatsoever, then go ahead and dial that emergency number.

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