Electrician Installed Holiday Lights: When Safety Is Your Chief Concern


Each year, more and more Americans are celebrating the holiday season by adorning their homes with magnificent light displays. If this is also something that you want to consider, then you might want to call a competent electrician to help you with the installation of the lights. There are so many things that can keep you busy this year and your electrician is sure to make your life a lot easier.

In the past years, there have been a lot of innovations in lighting which your electrician is fully aware of. You might not know all of the latest designs and features so you definitely need a professional to help you with this aspect of your holiday design.

Outdoor Light Choices

Before you start calling an electrician and discussing your garden theme and all, you need to learn about a few fundamental outdoor lighting fixtures.

Uplighting are lighting fixtures that provide upward light. These are usually situated right below an object, meaning, the illumination comes from the bottom. This is often placed below plants and rocks.

Downlighting, on the other hand, is hung at a high level so that it can illuminate a huge area. The tendency of this type of light is to cast a downward illumination on passages, gardens, porches or a pathway.

Yet another outdoor lighting type is the area lighting. This has a bit of a classy effect since it can highlight a tree or any interesting focal point in a garden. It can also cast illumination on an interesting wall. This can also be used in lighting the entrance gate or merely for decoration purposes.

Moonlighting can create special lighting effects. This is actually a combination of uplighting and downlighting and is usually placed high above trees to create beautiful shadow patterns.

The Importance of Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Outdoor lighting, more often than not, is ignored by a lot of homeowners. This should not be the case whether the lights are going to be installed at the deck, porch area or the garden. When executed with taste, this type of lighting can create a wonderful impression on your home. Remember that your visitors are sure to notice the illuminated outdoors before they are even welcomed into the living room so make it a point to beautify the outer area.

Your ideas will also differ with regard to your lighting intentions. Are you going to use the holiday lights for parties? Or are you going to use them nightly as fun outdoor lights?

Snowflake lighting: Does the Winter Wonderland theme catch your fancy? Snowflake lights can be installed by an electrician as a single-colored theme or it can be a multitude of blue snowflakes which you can use all over your landscaped gardens.

Bubble lights: These used to be unsafe back in mid 20th century but now electricians are excitedly installing them once more. The newest versions are now safe and a lot more beautiful. These are truly a great way to make a Christmas statement this season!

Icicle lights: Just as their name implies, icicle lights are illuminated icicles which are hung all around homes, right from the gutter. Using these beautiful lights will provide a dazzling night scene for the homeowners as well as visitors and spectators.

Fiber optic lights: These create a more dramatic effect as they can change colors and blend well with any theme that you have concocted for your outdoors.

Incandescent lights: Who can forget about these Thomas Alba Edison inventions? An electrician can have them safely installed on trees or bushes – don’t even think about installing them on your own due to safety reasons. 

LED lights: These lights are the latest craze as they offer long-lasting, economical lighting. ‘A better news? They are so affordable that you can have them installed all around your home!

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