Electrical Safety for Kids: The Need For Reiteration


Modern man’s life is now completely dependent on electrical power. Experiencing blackout for an hour or more can make anyone feel bored and unable to finish some important tasks. Man has increased his dependence on electricity, hence, safety becomes imperative; more so when you are trying to install electrical safety for kids.

Electrical safety is crucial because there are many hazards that can end up in injury, fire or death. Lack of basic know-how on electrical handling often spurs such accidents.

Safety tips are the same for both adults and kids. The only difference is that you would need more effort to explain the scenario to young kids.

Electrical Safety Tips

  • As a parent, it is your duty to be a good example to your kids in terms of steering clear of electrical hazards. Exercise caution at all cost.
  • Keep kids away from electrical outlets. Avoid the outlets’ exposure to water. Do the same with appliances – keep in mind that electrical appliances or components do not mix well with water. Such a combination can be very dangerous so warn your kids from touching outlets or any electrical appliance (more so when their hands are wet). 
  • Tell kids to stay as far away as possible from electronic appliances that generate heat such as the TV, microwave, food processor, iron and the refrigerator. Make sure that these appliances are kept apart so that they are not cramped in one corner where they could heat up all the more.
  • Tell teenagers never to overload any of your home’s electrical sockets. This must also be the case with extension cords. Young kids have to be kept at bay, they must never be allowed near a socket.
  • Tape appliance cords together especially when there is so many of them lying around. Kids could easily trip on these cords so you have to make a bundle of them and have them bound by a non-conductive material. Make sure you do not wind or tie a knot with them.
  • Every electrical outlet must be covered when not in use. This will prevent young children from being exposed to any open wire.
  • Never allow a young kid to plug in any appliance. For older children who can already operate gadgets, the TV or any other device, make sure that they only plug the appliance if it is switched off.
  • Similarly, if there is a need to replace lights, be sure to invest in energy efficient ones. This is not just a good way to save on your electric bills but also to up the safety in your home. Energy efficient lights are also less likely to overheat which is why they are a lot safer to use in a home with small children.
  • Tell your kids to avoid climbing ladders or trees that are near power lines. Warn them also about the dangers of touching any electrical wiring.
  • Should the kids encounter an electrical fire, train them not to douse the fire with water. This will never stop the fire from growing, instead, it will only worsen the situation. Teach your little ones to throw sand onto the fire or to find a fire extinguisher that is suitable for dry fires. If you are experiencing a major electrical fire, then teach the little ones to dial the number to the local fire station.
  • Kids are naturally curious so teach them not to touch anything electrical if their hands are wet or if they are standing in a pool of water.
  • Never allow kids to throw anything at power lines or wires.
  • Kids should only fly kites on clear skies and only on open spaces.

Electrical safety for kids is as simple as following these basic guidelines and reiterating their importance to the young ones in your home. Do otherwise and you could end up with a tragic incident.

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