Frameless Shower Door

Frameless Shower Door

The minimalist wave in decor is all the rage right now. Keeping up with the current interior design trends, you might have noticed the wild popularity of frameless shower doors. They’re especially prevalent in modern and contemporary bathrooms. The reason for such high demand is entirely due to the sleek and upscale elegance these glass doors provide. So, if you’re considering taking up a bathroom renovation project, this is definitely the one to go for. Here’s how to install a frameless shower door.

What Exactly Is a Frameless Shower Door?

frameless shower door

Both frameless and framed shower doors are usually made from tempered glass that’s typically been treated for easier cleaning. The main difference between the two resides in the thickness of the glass. Framed shower doors come in thinner dimensions since they rely on a frame to support the glass. So, the frame itself comes in a variety of materials, namely aluminum. Then the installer will seal the glass into the frame to deter any leaks. 

On the other hand, frameless shower doors come in much thicker panes since they have no frame to support them. In order to keep them in place, manufacturers use hinges, clips, or door pulls. Then they caulk these tools at the corners using silicone to seal the glass in place. As for preventing water from leaking outside, the shower door will have a rubber extension at the bottom.

Must Read Precautions Before Installing the Frameless Shower Door

Before you venture into installing your shower door, there are a few things to consider first. Planning will not only help you overcome any difficulties but it will also ensure the installation is successful.

Take Precise Measurements

precise door measurements

This step is absolutely essential. You need to measure everything at least twice to make sure you have the right dimensions. Any frameless door that’s not properly level can crack and break. This is also so you’re able to properly install the brackets to avoid causing any damage to the glass.

Make Note of Angles

precise shower angles

Your bathroom’s angles matter, so you need to measure those as well. Keep in mind that your shower should be designed within a combination of angles, namely 90°, 135° or 180°. This is because most hardware is standardized to those specific numbers. Anything above or below will require custom appliances, which could make this project even more expensive.

The Wall Must Be Precisely Vertical

shower door project

When installing frameless glass doors, the last thing you want is empty nooks and gaps. So to completely avoid this issue, double-check that your wall is precisely vertical. If it’s not, then you will definitely need a filler strip to match it.

Draw a Sketch of Your Project

shower door project

The best thing you can do before tumbling head-first into the installation is making a sketch of your shower. Include all the measurements you’ve taken as well as a side view and a plain view. This will help you be more prepared but also get an approximation of what everything is supposed to look like.

The Installation Process of a Frameless Shower Door

Installing Frameless Shower Door Hinges

hinge shower door
  1. Start by cleaning the entire space. This includes the walls where you will install the enclosure as well as the floor. Then check that the glass door fits.
  2. Next, fasten the hinges and the handle on the glass pane. But don’t secure them too tightly to avoid impairing or breaking the glass.
  3. Take the shorter panel that is the swinging door and put it in place. This panel will have a water sweep to prevent leaks. This water sweep consists of a plastic or rubber strip that sticks to the bottom of the swinging door. Then put the wood shims on the floor.
  4. Now take the longer panel and place it in accordance with the swinging door. Make sure the gap between the two, from top to bottom, is 1/16 inch. You also need to ensure that the two glass panels are level.
  5. With a pencil, mark the holes where your hinges will be fastened. Now drill the holes you marked and install the anchors. In case the anchors’ heads are not even, you can shave them off with a razor blade.
  6. Next, take your shorter glass panel (the swinging door) and place it on the wood shims. Line everything up correctly and keep in mind the 1/16 inch gap. Now you can screw the hinges to the wall in perfect order.
  7. Finally, add the water sweep to the bottom of your hinged door (that is the shorter panel).

How to Install a Frameless Shower Door on Tile

shower enclosure

Installing a glass shower door on tile consists of almost the same steps described before. The only extra tool you will need to acquire for proper installation is a masonry drill. Masonry drills are specifically designed so you can drill into your tiling without cracking or breaking it. This ensures that no damage occurs to your flooring and walls. You can also use a masonry drill if you have marble floors or prefabricated walls that you don’t want to ruin.

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