What are the Different Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring That Makes its the Popular Choices

Engineered Wood is always the top choice when it comes to flooring of your house and office. It has all the looks of solid wood, while the concealed layers make the flooring extra stronger and resistant to some of the options of hardwood. The Engineered Wood is seen as stylish, classic and 100% natural and this makes the flooring option highly sought-after. But, there is other Benefits of engineered wood flooring which compels everyone to go down the engineered route.

Today, Engineered Wood is becoming the most common type of wood flooring that is used across the world and for variety of good reasons.

How Engineered Wood is Made?

The secret behind the success of Engineered Wood Flooring is its construction. It comprises mainly of three different layers, of which the surface layer comprises of the natural solid wood which gives the flooring the beauty and looks of a natural solid wood. In middle it has the supportive core which is the combination of dozens of bonded sheets of high density fibreboard, softwood or particle wood which gives the floor the most stable and robust construction. At the base you will see a solid backboard which is there to offer secure and solid wood alternative and protect it from damages.

Due to this type of construction it always remains the top choice for many households and even in offices with high traffic.

Engineered Wood Flooring is Stable

Because of multi-layered core construction, the Engineered Wood is always the resilient choice for flooring, especially when there is a change in humidity. The natural wood is hygroscopic in nature which means it absorbs the moisture naturally and this may cause swelling in the wood. Similarly, when the humidity reduces and temperature changes the trapped moisture evaporates automatically and the wood tends to shrink.

But, the construction of Engineered Wood is different which restricts such things when condition changes, thereby ensuring higher stability across the floor of your house and office.

Engineered Wood Flooring is Versatile

The under floor heating system is becoming quite common during winter months. But the heat that is generated under the floor usually dries out the solid wood moisture easily and as a result it starts shrinking. But you won’t be experiencing such issues when your office or house is having Engineered Wood. In many new constructions and renovation projects, under floor heating is the essential norm and with the use of Engineered Wood floor you won’t be facing any complications. You will also find Engineered Wood floor in conservatories and basements where the level of moisture is higher because Engineered Wood is less likely to trap the moisture like solid wood, making it the good choice for such areas as well.

Easy to Fit

Because of the wooden core, the Engineered Wood floor is not just restricted to the conventional tongue and groove joint that you usually see on solid Wood Flooring in Your Office or house. The Engineered Wood floor comes with click and glue less loc solutions which mean that floor boards can be floated easily over any kind of underlay without the need of adhesive or nailing. This is truly the bonus for everyone fitting a floor by their own.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

You must not question the lifespan of Engineered Wood as they are long lasting and demands for very less maintenance. The Engineered Wood can be refinished and sanded easily just like the solid wood. It tends to wear only 1mm per 100 years. So, making it the best choice for your house and office where there is high traffic. The Engineered Wood is very less prone to moisture damage as compared to solid wood and this means it is less likely to experience water damages.

Cleaning can be done with simple vacuuming or soft bristled brushes. You can also use damp mob to clean the dirt and dust from the surface without worrying about any moisture damaging. What makes the Engineered Wood floor a great choice is its unique construction, natural beauty of solid wood, higher stability, durability and easy to work with. You can visit the site of BVG.co.in to explore the variety of stains, finishes and species in their section of Engineered Wood flooring.           

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