Designing Homes With High Ceilings – 5 Hot Tips To Memorize


While high ceilings may be impressive, they bring with them hordes of concerns that regular ceilings do not. Vast, lofty homes often have this type of ceiling that asks for a great deal of creativity and patience.

It may seem daunting to begin a huge task such as designing a home with high ceilings but know that with a little innovativeness, you should be fine.

It if crucial for people to remove the clutter inside a high-ceilinged room; do not think that adding unnecessary stuff into the room will make it appear fuller. Begin by cleaning up and you should be able to redesign your room.

Know the Rule of Thirds

Just like photography and art, interior design requires splitting a wall into three parts. This is essential when you are out to design a room with expansive ceilings. Do not mark the walls, though, just try to imagine the thirds, making sure that the first part is installed with judges paneling.

Be sure to place paintings onto the second part of the wall while leaving the third wall blank. There are so many possibilities in terms of design so there is no one rule that will be applicable to all homes. Invest in relevant paintings, though, since they add elegance without even trying too hard. Hang these paintings at eye level so that their beauty will not be missed.

The key is to create the most amazing focal points in order to reduce the intimidating look of those high ceilings.

Add Horizontal Balance

There is simply no denying the height that high ceilings create. To sort of neutralize this, balance it out by adding horizontal elements like long benches or a large mantle piece. It would be unnecessary to stripe since people already know the essence of the stripes so you might as well add a chair where people can sit at cozily.

Chandeliers Are a Must

Rather than invest in modern lighting fixtures, it is best to put your money into a good piece of the chandelier. High ceilings are synonymous with beautiful chandeliers. It would simply be wrong to leave one unadorned by this beautiful lighting fixture.

Make sure to install a chandelier in a tall living room, bedroom or kitchen.  Lighting may also be used to divide areas subtly while making sure that every space looks elegant.

Alternatively, you may have track lighting installed but this should not be turned into a focal point. This kind of lighting is portable so you can use it in any part of your home once you decide to have the furniture changed around.

Add Storage Units

High ceilings are a beauty to behold especially when effectively designed. But the greater news is that they can also be utilized as added storage areas. Why not install a home library by using the extra vertical space? Having all those rows of books can even add to the homeliness of your place. Do not forget to add that library ladder or you would end up wondering how to read the books on the top shelves.

Create a Striking Accent Wall

Color is the easiest way to highlight any architectural beauty in a home. With the right color, you can also veer away the viewer’s attention from a particular corner. Paint one wall with a bold color – one that is in stark contrast with the rest of the walls in a room. For instance, use purple as an accent wall and have the rest painted in white or any pastel hue.

An accent wall is an effective way to give depth and warmth to any room.

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