Designing For Halloween – It’s Never Too Early

Designing For Halloween

Designing For Halloween

Think of Halloween and you are probably thinking of black cats, candles, pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, demons, witches and such. Most people depict Halloween on beverages and weird food that they serve during this festive season; not a lot would go all the way and redesign their home. Why be contented with mere witches’ brooms and cauldrons in front of your home when you can actually do so much more? Designing for Halloween, after all, isn’t supposed to be complicated.

Okay, Begin with the Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins will always be a part of the festivities. Those carved faces symbolize the need for protection. These are commonly placed on windows as they are expected to ward off evil spirits.

Up the Mood With Accent Pillows

Use orange and black pillows to set the mood this coming Halloween. Inside a contemporary home, such pillows are the perfect accents for the autumn season. Celebrate the season by improving the mood in your home using a relevant motif.

Magical Lights for Magical Evenings

Your Halloween lights are going to play an important role during the festivities. You can set up candles everywhere and put your dimmers into good use. Going back to your pumpkins, you can also have them lighted with a candle inside or a special kind of light such as battery-operated tea lights – Jack o’ Lantern has never been safer!

Choose Dark Themes

Gothic and other dark themes are always trending each Halloween season. Just think of the setting to any Edgar Allan Poe story and you’re right on. Add a smoky mercury glass here, a little dark lace there, and some vintage elements everywhere else and you’re good. If you are able to shop for apothecary jars, gothic dolls, black roses, and just about any vampire or zombie collection, then you are on the right track.

Something Different for Halloween, Why Not?

Halloween is not all dark and dreary. The décor market has greatly expanded that the spooky spectrum is not just limited to dark collections anymore. Dark Shadows which is a fusion of black and cream is now quite popular among adults.

It’s not all about Fright Night anymore but it can also be a night of Spooky Fun. Add bright glitters, iconic creatures such as Dracula or any one of the Twilight characters; have colorful yet dark colors such as purple and lime; and pillows and textiles with interesting embroideries.

The Day of the Dead will always be connected to skeletons and skulls so have your home filled with accessories that are emblazoned with these symbols. Other icons include bats, spiders complete with spider webs, and just about anything that is spooky yet cute to the sight.

As the cold, crisp air grows ever colder, the colors inside your home must grow ever warmer. Go ahead and collect fallen leaves, branches, pine cones, acorns, and just about anything in gold, orange and yellow.

With a weak economy ever looming, it is useful to have designs and décor that can last longer than the Halloween or Thanksgiving season. Learn to integrate the holiday items into other elements in your home. This is most probable with your furniture. Designing for Halloween need not be expensive or taxing. There are many homemade décor ideas that you can use in order to save money. Sometimes, it is as easy as making a mask papier mâché or it can be a huge investment such as investing in a new set of furniture. Wooden furniture is best for Halloween and so are metal chairs painted black. Be creative, be bold, be you – do just this and you will never go wrong.

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