Design Trends for 2018 – Are You In or Out? (Link Roundup)

Whether you’re ready or not, 2018 is already here. The finest fashion and furniture brands as well as designers know that this is a bold year. The Pantone Color of the Year, to begin with, is daring to say the least. But whether you’d jump on the bandwagon and use Ultra Violet in your home this year, that’s entirely up to you. The more vivid and exciting, the more luxurious and audacious, the more trendy you are this year.

What’s Out?

Just as there are styles and elements that are trendy this year, this is also a year to say goodbye to the not so stylish elements. The all-white look is no longer hot. Kitchens, in particular, brighten up the first part of the year but you are bound to see more warm earth tones, with more woods and neutrals being included. See a lot of light blue, cream, and gray.

The kitchen sinks also come with darker and bolder designs. While the copper sink still stays, you should also make way for stone and concrete styles.

Another fad that is going out of the window is the accent wall. While there are still some that could work, majority of the accent walls that look very much like in the 80s and 90s are definitely going out of fashion this year.

For a different kind of visual interest, go for timeless textures like wainscoting and millwork. You can also look up and create a statement ceiling instead. You are bound to see a lot of statement ceilings this coming Fall.

Another overdone concept is the use of throws or signs that spell out home, welcome or family. Full quotes are just as overdone. A funner way to create a focal point is to use charts, vintage signs, and repurposed arts. Don’t be afraid to express yourself still, just don’t go for what’s cliché.

This year, you have to make sure that all your home’s architectural elements are in agreement with your interior design. For instance, formal columns would not look right in an urban home. While you can use columns, just go use them elsewhere where they can make the place look more cohesive.

What’s In?

You will be seeing a lot of jewel tones this 2018. You will also see heavy cabinetry especially inside the kitchen. Open shelving is still in but, again, do not default to an all-white kitchen this year. This style has a tired look to it that will make the heart of your home boring. Instead, opt for blues, a lot of warm grays, and creams. If you find wood grain tones, then go for those, too.

Since we’re still in winter, you will still see a lot of cozy and dark hues which makes Ultra Violet still at home. Even when spring and summer do finally come, this hue is bound to make the most amazing changes in many homes because of its daring nature.

Ultra Violet is such an invigorating color that it could give you the nudge that you need into the right direction this year. Vivid velvet materials are also in for many couches this year but if this material scares you, then you can always go for any jewel-toned velvet throw pillows to start.

If you’re still hesitant to go with dramatic statement, then consider the calmer versions of this vivid color. Use lilac, for instance, in your bedroom. Millennial pink is also a lively alternative. You can use these alternative hues on your walls or as an accent ceiling for this year.

This year is also the year for brass elements. Adorn your kitchens in brass materials with aged finish. You can also have this metallic hue serve as an accessory color in your living room as well as the bathroom.

This year is also the perfect year to appreciate Japanese art known as the wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi literally means finding beauty in things that are not perfect. When you translate this to home design, then you can add pottery (even the rough ones) for a more organic look, say, in a contemporary home.

Other elements to watch out for are floral prints, shapely furniture, and statement storage units.

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