Many people know what they intend to do with when it comes to designing their homes but there are also those who are clueless on how to organize all the elements that they see. Having an artistic flair is an added skill when designing homes especially when you want to make a small house look bigger.

There are various design concepts which you can use to make your home look a lot bigger than it truly is. Do not worry, you won’t have to break your bank just so you can organize your home and give it that extra square footage.

Consider the Open Plan Concept

This concept means you have to topple down walls and doors if necessary. You can do this to create a bigger open space and to have just one spacious room instead of a division of several little rooms.

An example is when you combine the living room, kitchen and dining area in a large room. A formal dining room can also double as a work table during those moments when the family is not eating. Rather than building a separate room for the master bedroom, you can combine the bathroom, wardrobe and bedroom in just one space.

Many modern offices now use the open space layout which meant taking down separators or dividers.

Correct Color Usage

It is also vital to use the right colors so that the rooms can appear larger. The best option that you have are bright colored paints. Bright palette provides a more reflective surface as opposed to the dark colors which tend to absorb light. With bright colored paint, you can have a seemingly more spacious place – go and discover this for yourself.

Right Furniture Placement

Apart from the color, you also need to learn correct furniture placement. Find foldable or multi-functional furniture pieces that you can use in your home. If these are not available, then find smaller versions of pieces that catch your fancy. You can also ask a furniture maker to customize the furniture according to the amount of space that is available.

If you have made the mistake of buying bulky pieces in the past, relax, you don’t have to sell or throw them right away. Just have the large furniture set up against the walls so that you can create the open space that you need.

Be smart in scaling the size of the furniture according to the room’s size.

Mirrors Are Great Tools

Mirrors have long been used effectively as tools in making rooms appear larger. This is not a secret that only designers know but common knowledge that many homeowners already practice.

Mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light so the rooms can stay bright throughout the day. These reflective tools may be set on cabinet doors, walls and even on the ceiling if you want to vertically open up the upper part of your home.

Tricking the Senses

Do you know the fashion concept where pinstripe pants make models appear a lot taller? You can also use this same concept in making rooms appear elongated or expansive in width. Again, you can use a mirror to enhance the effect that you want to achieve.

Acrylic nesting tables can also offer endless surface space minus the clutter that most tables provide. Find furniture that matches your wall color within a hue or two.

Speak of clutter, one of the simplest ways that you can open up space in your home is to remove clutter. Make use of storage spaces, shoe organizers, cabinets and such so that you can have more spacious rooms.

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