Decorative Pottery: Visually Elevating Your Home’s Look

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Earthenware are often viewed as archeological pieces. These almost always are in every heirloom package. They are also pieces that gives soul to a space.

Pottery has always played an artistic role more than just a utilitarian piece throughout history. It has been a family heirloom for many clans and is even collected rather vigorously by a lot of connoisseurs. You would be astonished at the value of some of the seemingly frail-looking pottery pieces but have been dated to be thousands of years old.

So, yes, from prehistoric jars to the ceramics of today, these are decorative elements that need our attention.

Depend on the Classics

Nothing beats the classics when you’re displaying pottery. Just add some plants inside an interesting jar or huge vase and what you have done is inject color into a room. The most unexpected places, even the most boring ones, become more interesting as pottery is placed there.

Don’t just rely on the usual terracotta, though. There is so much more beauty in those eccentric glazed pots.

Pick pots that are able to highlight the beauty of your chosen plant. Don’t make the piece compete with the beauty of nature. The pot must also be deep and wide enough to allow your plant to grow.

Ombre or speckled glazed pots are your dressy pieces which can create an interesting vignette without being overpowering.

Just make sure to set up a saucer for the drainage. A cork coaster is made especially for such instances so that the moisture from the root system of the plant will not damage the furniture or flooring material beneath it.

Color Grouping

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Having a modern or contemporary aesthetic does not mean that you can’t display pottery.  Use your thinking hat and, this time, instead of using just a piece or two, try grouping different pots and ceramic jars according to their color.

Find a central location for these interesting pieces. When you do so, you are visually cutting the clutter that potteries often make. What you have accomplished, instead, is an intentional collection that, when beautifully placed against any neutral wall, would stand out.

You don’t have to invest in a huge collection, though. A style statement can be just a few pieces, say, eight pieces of the same color. The eye will surely be attracted to look at these pieces especially when they come in an interesting color such as turquoise.

Keeping the collection clean is as easy as having an extendable duster wipe through that surface even just once every month.

It’s All in the Arrangement

Having smaller pottery pieces means you need to have an anchor for them. You can do this by including these smaller ones with larger potteries. Mix colors, shapes, and height but be careful that you don’t end up creating chaos. Keep the grouping tight by purposefully grouping pots and jars one just one side of a credenza, bookshelf or tabletop.

Over time, as you bring in more and more pieces, create an ensemble that seems curated rather than bought all at once.

Putting taller jars at the back and the voluminous pieces up front should create an interesting display for any room.

Style It Out

If you want to put a spin on the contemporary design, warm it up by adding a few earthenware. Blue and white porcelain pieces – the usual ones that you see – can be framed by a blue patterned kitchen wall.

Now here’s a tip: pottery and ceramics differ only in their finish. Pottery is often made of clay, therefore, it is rougher. Ceramics are clay and glaze which are heated and permanently changed. Porcelain, on the other hand, is fired at low temperatures then glazed, and then fired at a high temperature for its finishing touch.

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