Decorative Luster: Why a Little Gloss Goes a Long Way (Wednesday Link Roundup)


There are a lot of reasons why a glossy surface should be included in your charming and chic interiors. When done right, glossy surfaces can create an illusion of bigger space. It is also a design scheme that is easy to maintain – a little something that is beneficial to many busy working people these days.

Accent Wall with Extra Shine

You can start introducing a little gloss to your home by adding a glossy accent wall. Paint walls with an accent color; one that naturally grabs attention. A high-gloss black paint can be accessorized with colorful furnishings and matte textures.

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If you don’t want glossy walls, then you can always apply glossy paint on your ceiling. Stick with that interesting, high-gloss surface on classic white. You either choose this or you can choose the bolder and punchier colors that reflect who you truly are.

Playful orange in high gloss would surely be the talk of the town.

Visual Interest with Glossy Finishes

The introduction of glossy finishes is an awesome way to add visual interest to any home.

If you’re not a huge fan of solid, bold colors, then you can opt for the pared-down color palette. You should also seriously consider whether you would want more colors inside a room that’s already loud.

A contemporary, chic kitchen, for instance, can make use of a glossy surface. This should transform the look of your kitchen. Pick a key panel to showcase such as a countertop, a cabinet or an island feature.

Gloss Means Easy Maintenance

High shine surfaces are easy to wipe off and clean. These are ideal for homes with small children or for high traffic sections such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Cleaning glossy cabinets is as easy as wiping the surface with damp cloth. You can follow-up by wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth. Remove lint, dust or lingering watermarks.

High gloss finishes are reflective surfaces that could accentuate damages, though. These could highlight scratches, dents, dust, and fingerprints. If these are not easy to clean for you, then you can choose the semi-gloss finish.

Another option is the high-shine wooden surface or the patterned ones. The textures and busy patterns should be able to hide the damages.

Glossy surfaces may not be easy to clean for some people but they are definitely water resistant. It’s no wonder that such finishes are widely used in bathrooms and kitchens.

High-sheen paints can be used on cabinets and woodworks. Doors and door trimming would also do well to have a semi-gloss surface. Remember, though, that ultra-glossy paint and materials are more durable than the semi-gloss surfaces.

Gloss Is Glamour

Don’t you think that there is something charming about lustrous, smooth surfaces? These speak of luxury, chic look, and glamour.

If you want to create a timeless or opulent home, then you would never go wrong with glossy surfaces. Even shiny white or black furnishings make a huge difference in the overall look of your living spaces. You can also catch attention by adding a glossy statement piece.

Yummy Gloss

Super glossy finishes exude a glamorous vibe. They may look clinical in some instances but they look, more often than not, delectable when matched with high-contrast textures.

Gloss can be married with wood, tan leather, soft fabrics or wool.

Gloss Transitions from Traditional to Modern

If your traditional home is looking more boring each day, then you can stir things up a bit by adding a few high-shine furnishings. These should liven up the traditional room and even give it a modern flair. A glossy coffee table should do the trick.

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