How to Decorate a Beach House – Interior Design Ideas for Beach Home


Are you interested in investing on a beach house? A lot of people are hesitant when buying such a property because beach front properties are known to be pricey. Also, these houses are also far from cities since they are found in out of the way locations. There are, however, many advantages in owning a beach home and the greater news is that there are now some that are beautifully priced because of the foreclosure crisis.

More Than Mere Structure

Buying a beach home is more than just buying a beautiful structure. Any property that has beach access is valued higher than most properties. A lot of prospective buyers invest on such properties not just because of the structure of the house but more so of the pristine sceneries that they will get to enjoy.

If there is one thing that is beneficial with regard to the economic crises that hit the globe, this would have to be the prices of homes dipping. If you happen to spot a beach house that catches your fancy and you have the money to invest in one, then do so. Come the time when the economy does prosper once more, you will see that you will be owning a property that is envied by many.

The savviest investors can take these beach houses now and then prep it till that moment when the economy does recover. By then, the waterfront properties that they own will have doubled or tripled in value.

The Foundation Matters

Remember that a huge part of your beach home’s beauty is dependent on how well the foundation has been made. Remember that such homes are more prone to damage caused by many reasons.

One of the chief contributing factors is the sand where the house is standing on. Sand can easily erode because of the high tides that lap the surface. The other danger of having a beach front property is having episodes of flooding. Such an occurrence can compromise the home’s foundation even when it sits on stilts or the traditional slab foundation.

Make Good Use of the Home’s Existing Architecture

Take a very good look at the character of the coastal area where you bought your property at. Use the vibrant colors that you see all around you then begin by constructing a Caribbean louvered doorway. This will add flair to your home and will beckon at guests.

The Sunny Palette

The brighter the color, the more applicable it is in your beach front property. Bright colors transport guests to the coast especially when aqua accents are used such as pillows, throws and rug.

The splash of color during sunsets can also inspire you to use orange and reddish hues. If you want to evoke the feeling of having Gulf-front beach house, then have your shiplap planks whitewashed.

Emphasis on Light

You do not just emphasize on color when it comes to owning a beach home. Light can be used to enhance the beach feeling inside your home. Never be afraid to use strong colors on your chief furniture pieces. The kitchen countertop, for instance, can have a bright yellow color which can be matched with the silhouette window shades ny of the same hue.

Let in lots of natural light that will shine on the warm wood floors and white cabinetry.

If bright colors isn’t your cup of tea, then take your palette to the safest zone. Use white paint throughout your home to evoke a Greek appeal. Painted wood floors paired with beautiful beaded board cabinets are simply hard to ignore.

Lastly, emphasize the colors of your home with sand dollars and seashells. Even a starfish can instantly beautify a room and so could a mirror that has been transformed into a framed beauty with oyster shells all around it.

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