It is understandable that homeowners desire to own elegant and stately properties. Many interior design magazines and trade shows feature inspiring homes of celebrities and other important people. Probably a common feature among these stately homes is the damask interior design.

Art and interior design rules are always open to different interpretations. In recent years, damask has become increasingly popular as a means to design interiors. The luxurious material is very much like silk when it comes to texture. Damask may also be referred to as a weaving style.

Before you can use damask in your design, you must be able to sketch a usable floor plan as well as the room dimensions. Be sure to plot the window placement as well as their sizes. Indicate also the location of special features like electrical outlets.

Damask is highly versatile so you can be truly free in your artistry. You can improve your personal style by reading different interior design magazines and attending floor shows.

It is also important to identify the room’s focal point when using damask. Whether this is a piece of furniture or the fireplace, be sure to point out the most important aesthetic part of the room. Make sure that to define each room’s individual style. Find a signature piece and design around this.

Damask is often incorporated in rooms with the use of table cloths, drapes, wallpapers, and upholstery. There is a wide variety of damask color options and patterns. There are also different ways to incorporate damask into the rooms, however, it is crucial that the stripes, checks or geometric patterns of damask do not clash with any of the other design elements in a room.

Coordination is a must for damask interior design. Unification must be done so be careful in choosing your flooring materials, the color of wood in a room, motifs, and other such elements.

Be able to design by using the principle of repetition. Do this in planning the colors, shapes and patterns all over the room. Other elements like furniture or lighting can also play an influential role in how damask is presented.

It is advisable that you invest in the highest quality of damask as this will determine the fabric quality.

Focus on Damask Curtains

One of the common elements in elegant design is damask curtain. This kind of curtain can quickly and efficiently beautify any room. Damask curtains come in a wide variety of colors, the most common being simple reds, greens, lots of blue and shades of ivory.

Prior to your selection of damask curtains in a certain color, you should consider your home’s overall design as well as the color palette. Majority of damask curtains come with floral patterns and the most intricate geometric shapes.

They also have glossy textures and so they can easily brighten a rather muted or dark interior. Use a lot of damask accents such as pillows, upholstery, throw cushions, even artworks. It is up to you to incorporate damask curtains and other damask elements into your home. In essence, your limitation depends on how creative you are.

Damask curtains do evoke feelings of richness and luxury in an environment, however, they are rather uncomplicated. Damask textiles often come from silk or silk blend. Because of the fabric used in textiles, this kind of drapery is quite heavy. They are heavy, hence, they can effectively control the temperature in a room.

How does black and white bedding sound to you? This may seem static but this visual uniqueness can be used to harmonize all the other design elements in the room.

Feel free to utilize a metal finish such as a silver headboard or a bold mirror. Bringing some shine to your snooze zone is acceptable.

Damask interior design is all about making a statement; whether with a silhouette of an insect, bird, or flower on your walls or bedding, it’s entirely up to you.

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