How To Customize An Entertainment Room Or Man Cave (Link Roundup)


Have you taken a good look at your living room lately? Does it now look much like a warehouse rather than an entertainment room? Sure, the entertainment room is supposed to house your TV set, DVD, gaming console and stereo system. Some homes have customized wall units that are built specifically for these electronic gears. They also store compact discs, DVDs, game cartridges and even old vinyl records.

An entertainment center is the automatic focal point and on the outside, it looks much like many wall units. The base cabinets come with drawers and doors (some showcase both) and come with beautiful shelving units. Most middle cabinets house the TV so this is often the widest and deepest part of the shelving unit.

Setting Up a Fun-filled Entertainment/Media Room

Spicing up the entertainment room means you have to make it look attractive enough for people to want to watch movies there, listen to music or to play games. Some forms of socialization can also be held here.

Having a separate entertainment room means other parts of your home will become more peaceful. There is no longer any need to worry about having to disturb other people especially those that might be resting.

Here are some tips –

  • Declare what you want. You have to think twice if moving the present entertainment center to a separate room is really a good idea. After all, this project will eat up space but if the family is content in having the TV, sound and gaming systems at the living room; what point is there to move it to a different place?
  • Compute your budget for the entertainment room. Doing so will help you find out that kind of room that you can really afford. You might be thinking of setting up a high-tech entertainment room but if your budget can only allow a simple one, then there is no point in planning for a huge room. In fact, the living room is a good place enough for entertainment to be staged especially when you already have an existing entertainment center or in-wall units.
  • A little creativity should help you create the perfect look for your entertainment room. Add play areas such as a corner for a billiard table or a basic bar. There are so many ways to design the newest room in your home, just let your imagination take place.
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to pick the right screen size for your entertainment room. Television sets come in different sizes so know which one will actually fit the room’s size. Find out that distance between the viewing area and the place where the screen will be installed. Keep in mind that a bigger TV screen needs a bigger room.
  • Apart from the TV, be sure to invest in the right furniture sizes. Again, the most important thing that you need to consider is the room size. Make sure that the furniture will still leave ample space for you to move and walk about.
  • Buy comfortable seating, one that you can tolerate to sit in at long periods of time. Imagine yourself sitting on a hard couch during a three-hour film. You do get the picture, right?
  • It is crucial to tuck away the wires so that no one will be endangered of tripping or getting tangled with the wiring system. Besides, visible wires are eyesores so have them removed early on.

Have ample storage room since the entertainment room is going to be a cluttered room. Remember that people tend to create a mess when they are having fun so just be sure that you have everything organized inside bins before the party participants arrive.

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