If not the huge, stainless oven or double-door fridge, custom kitchen cabinets are the next best focal points for a kitchen. Though they may appear as mere boxes or shelves, doors, or drawers, this kitchen furniture is often built to last. The customized types, especially, are made to embody the style and taste of their owners.

The cabinets that come from big box stores are found to be cheaper but most do not meet the expectations of their owners. Custom made ones offer benefits that not a lot of ready-made kitchen cabinets may not be able to offer.


Custom kitchen cabinets are often made by skillful cabinet makers. These were carefully crafted by hand and not mass-produced on assembly lines. Such cabinet makers are proud of the works of their hands as they can even guarantee the quality of materials that were used on their works of art.

Locally Sourced

If you worry about the origin of the materials that were used on your cabinets, then you can immediately appreciate the benefit of having customized furniture. You are given a broader choice of wood on your cabinet project including the use of local or domestic hardwoods. This is great proof of environmental awareness.

You Get to Choose

Having customized cabinets means you get to pick the elements that work for you. While there are many options in the market these days, most offer only average dimensions. But what if you need a larger storage space for your kitchen equipment? Also, what if you are vertically challenged?

If you’re not that tall, then you can customize your cabinets and have them placed at a height that you are most comfortable with. Do the same thing with your kitchen countertops.

Now look at the other end of the spectrum – if you’re too tall, then having customized kitchen cabinets is a great blessing.

Select drawer combinations that are most suitable for your baking or cooking style. An example is a cabinet that can incorporate spices, cutlery, cookie sheets, pull-out cutboards, island cabinetry, wine rack and even a trash drawer.

Stock cabinets could have a hundred combinations but you could feel limited once the dealer starts talking about product availability. Custom cabinets offer personalization on the style, finish, even the type of wood that will be used.

Keep in mind that stock cabinetry is assembled in factories so what are the chances that your neighbor could also have the exact same cabinet sitting in her kitchen? Customized pieces are made upon every order using selected woods then finished according to the customer’s specs.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Most homes have standard dimensions but the measurements differ once the design is chosen. It is hard to point out the exact dimensions of custom cabinets but there are a few guidelines that might help you as you consider your options –

First, the base cabinet often comes with a depth of 24 inches and a vertical measurement of 34-42 inches. The numbers differ as the design, positioning or placement changes. Placing a countertop, for instance, calls for an increase to 36 inches for the cabinet base.

Wall cabinets, on the other hand, come at 12-42 inches. Its depth is half that of the base cabinet (12-13 inches). Hanging the cabinet above the stove means you have to measure at least 42 inches from the stove to the place where the cabinet will be installed.

Depending on the space that you have in your kitchen, you may need to alter the measurements a bit. Fillers can work for those spaces in between. These can be used as shelves with pull-out doors. Never allow dimensions to limit you, instead, be creative by having custom kitchen cabinets in your home.

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