The Creation of a Focal Point (Interior Design Link Roundup)


When you are about to let in guests in your home, it is a rule that there should be an interesting point in every area that they go to. The term for this is a focal point. The focal point is the element that draws the attention of a guest. This interesting point is naturally created with the room’s architecture but most of the time, it is now created from scratch by the homeowner himself.

If you are not that sure about which part of your house to establish as a focal point, well, you may be surprised what most interior designers declare to be a satisfying interest point.

First, if you happen to have a fireplace in your home, then that’s all that you need. This is the most natural focal point that any home could ever have.

As you enter the bedroom, naturally, the bed is the focal point especially if you have a four-poster bed right smack in the middle; except if there is a very large family painting that can take away the attention of the beholder.

A view of the open sea in the den can be an exciting focal point in any home. If your home’s architecture does not provide an automatic focal point, then remember that you can always create one by the simple addition of elements in a room.

Find Something Substantial

The focal point is always something substantial. You can begin by hanging artworks or a rug with value on one wall. Fur accents can also easily become focal points since they are eye-catching.

One other easy way to create a focal point is to use a single bold color within a neutral color painted room. You can then slowly add small details like vases, cushions, and throw pillows in order to pull the scheme all together.

If you have not the slightest idea on how to begin, you can always start off with fabric or swatches or a paint color chart. With these, you can work out what is most suitable for your taste and find the materials that are available in the budget that you have set. Color coordination may be a skill to some but there are also tools that can help you accomplish this.

A recessed wall area in your home can be painted a little darker than the paint that you have chosen to color your room with. This should achieve a sense of depth and even add a sense of drama to any room.

Placing a small desk or a table, even shelves, in a recessed area is also an effective way of dressing it up. Place a lamp on one table and an interesting vase of fresh flowers on the other. Place a beautiful mirror or a work of art on the desk; framed photographs would also do. As for the shelves, why not place a candle holder along with your stack of novels? This is a great way to balance an otherwise dull room.

If you have pillars in your room, then these can be painted with the same color as that of the trimming. Doing so will make it an architectural feature, hence, a natural focal point. Pick the sides of the pillar that are directly facing the room and where the greatest amount of traffic passes by.

For homes without any recessed walls or pillars, the next best thing that you can do is to have shelves installed so that you can add colorful knick-knacks.

With this fundamental information and your passion to create something beautiful, you should be able to create an unforgettable focal point.

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