Creating The Colorful Bathroom With Three Red-Hot Techniques

Colorful Bathroom ideas
Colorful Bathroom ideas
Written by Sethi

The bathroom is – without a doubt – one of the most important rooms inside any house. Where do you go right after waking up? Where do you freshen up before going to bed? With those questions answered, now you know how important a bathroom is, hence, you must do all you can to make this one of the most beautiful rooms of your home.

There are many techniques in making the bathroom appear more colorful and, thus, more welcoming  –

Hand-painting Design

There are just so many designs to choose from for your bathroom hand-painting project. You can begin with one of the most obvious fixtures in there – the sink. This may come as a surprise to you but you can actually paint the sink and countertops.

The reason behind this trend is obvious – more and more homeowners want to save more money with their home renovations. Improved paints have also been made available in the market ranging from metallic colors to those with gritty textures.

You need to determine the material of the sink that you are trying to paint, also, the paint quality. Stone (marble or granite), bronze, and copper are not popular materials when it comes to hand-painting. These are purchased because of their unique qualities and not as base materials for paint.

Look for materials that have a smooth surface so that the paint can easily adhere to it. Make sure to wash the surface with a degreasing solution or (again, depending on the material) you can just sand the surface.

Majority of sinks require special epoxy paint that can give the surface a more even feel while offering a glossy appearance. Paint can then be applied using brush or spray; just unleash the inner artist in you and you are sure to come up with the most beautiful designs.

You can create the same look on your bathtub. Consider this a bigger canvas for your artistic designs.

Standard Tiles, Unique Look

Did you know that tiling can add personality to your bathroom? Tiles are versatile in dressing up the bathroom since it can be used as a decorative wall design, flooring, or even to cover the countertop. 

There is now a wide array of designs, patterns and appearances to choose from. Single or two-color tile designs are easy to plan even without a designer’s help. All you have to do is to combine the different-colored tiles. You can also set the tiles diagonally for a unique look. Tiles can also be used as backsplash or trimming for other materials like Formica, granite, Corian or marble.

Murals which can serve as focal points can also be created inside the bathroom. With a pattern formed, you can then install a contrasting tile color all around the design that you have created.

For bathrooms with neutral background colors, you can use two complementary colors to create a fusion of unified colors. You can also create stripes and patterns through the tub, vanity and shower.

For more complex designs, it is best to ask for a little professional help.

Go Bold with Wallpapering

Back in the day, it is impossible to use wallpapers inside the bathroom. After all, this is an area where moisture is always present; but these days, you can consider using this material in smaller amounts. This material can be used in a separate stall especially when you are using the regular type of wallpaper. Add an extra punch inside that small powder room. For a more customized look, use wallpaper as bordering material below the ceiling. You can also use it around a window, door or mirror.

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