Are you looking for ways to create an impact in your home? There is an inexpensive and easy way to add drama to any room and this is by creating the perfect accent wall. This is great when highlighting a focal point such as a shelving unit or a fireplace. In essence, your accent wall is a design element that will command attention at any time of the day.

So, you have decided to paint a single wall differently – what then? This is a type of project that you and your family can do over the weekend. It is uncomplicated and even fun to do.

Planning, Prepping, Painting

Unlike homes with like colors on all of their walls, you have chosen a less traveled path as you use a different color of paint on a single wall. First, you need to choose the wall before you even start painting. Take a very good look around the room then pick the wall that you would paint. Your choice will depend entirely on where your eyes naturally drift to as you walk in.

For example, if you walk into your living room and your attention immediately goes to the fireplace, then that should become your accent wall. Choosing the opposite wall or the one adjacent to it will only create a visual deviation that is totally wrong. Instead, choose to highlight the fireplace as well as the architectural details that frame it.

Inside the bedroom, make it a point to have the wall where the headboard is propped against as the accent wall. If you have a collection of artwork or accessories that you would want your guests to enjoy, then find that wall where they will be hung and paint it differently.

As for long, narrow rooms, paint the short wall at the far end. This should make the room appear less oblong.

After choosing the wall to paint, select a color that is darker than all the other walls. All in all, there are seven colors on a paint spectrum. Many paints come in multiple colors. An example is the color red, it comes in many shades ranging from fuchsia to old rose. If you add other hues such as gray, blue or yellow to it, then it becomes an entirely new shade.

There are multiple shades in like color families. If you want a fail safe way to complement the color that you have already chosen for all the other walls, then find a shade that belongs to the same color family as the paint that you have chosen. To pack a greater punch, choose a different color, preferably one that is opposite the initial color.

Take advantage of the paint sample sizes in many home improvement shops. Those small swatches can be used to make certain that you will not commit a mistake later. Remember that paint looks different depending on the lighting conditions. That lovely sage green could look more like sea foam under a less dark light.

If you are feeling a bit crafty, then go ahead and use any of those DIY faux finishes. Test on a small surface first before you bathe the wall in a color. You can also skip this part and just try a wall covering.

Wallpapering has become a trend that has made a noteworthy comeback. Choose from a variety of patterns and textures. If you happen to choose a darker color for your accent wall, then it will be more noticeable. Black or charcoal wallpaper will be stunning.

Whatever wallpaper you choose, just make sure that your accent wall will stand out from the rest of the other walls.

Creating the perfect accent wall is not that difficult is it?

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