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How to Create Your Dressing Room (Link Roundup)

Dressing rooms or walk-in wardrobes are growing in number each year. In fact, more and more homeowners are including these on their renovation wish lists. They are correct in doing so because they don’t just add functionality to their homes, they also up the value of their properties in the process.

If a dressing room is something that you also wish to have, then, first things first, let’s review a few things –

Find the right location

Before you even begin to do anything, you need to understand that dressing rooms are best located right next to a bathroom or a bedroom. If you’re starting from scratch, then allot no less than 2.4 x 1.6 meters. If you have more than this space, then opt for a walk-through dressing room. The pathway from the bedroom to the bathroom can give you enough hanging space.

Pick the right dressing room storage

Find out whether you really prefer to fold or to hang your clothing. Do not forget the storage units for your seasonal clothing, shoes, handbags, and other accessories. These can be challenging to store when you have already set up the room.

Use shelves instead of the usual drawers for your jeans and jumpers. Find out what kind of dividers you can use or establish the compartmentalization that will happen. It is also a must to set up a hanging space for all your full-length clothes. As much as you can, double your storage by installing shorter hanging for those trousers.

Create a special budget for the project

Invest on cabinets, drawers, and shelves with durable frameworks. Remember that these furniture pieces will be holding your clothes and accessories so they need to be able to withstand the rigors of daily pulling, and stacking, and bringing out, and leaning.

When picking your storage, find the combination types. Always be mindful of the drawers because they can cost a little more than your shelves. If drawers aren’t your thing, then

you can always go for good ol’ shelves.

Choose the correct lights

As always, lighting plays an important role in making this dressing room work. You may want to create flattering lighting schemes but one that would not involve glare, just enough to light the contents of the room.

Frame also the mirrors with LED strips to create a lovely halo for when you are going to apply your make-up. Make good use of other mirrors in the room. Having one at the end of a long room will increase the volume of that space.

Choose the right furniture

It would be wonderful if you could set up a central island for your small accessories and extra stuff. Even your laundry baskets can be concealed under this lovely island.

Consider also the surfaces of the furniture that you’ll have in the dressing room. High-gloss finish is best although you will need to be more careful with fingerprints.

You will also need a place where you can sit as you wear your stockings, shoes, or would simply want to relax after a relaxing bath. The best piece to go there is a wooden bench (this is as classic as classic could get) or you can have an ottoman serve as a seating unit slash center table.

For all those awkward spaces (if any), you can just set up small shelves there for your other collectibles or some books. Having more storage space will also free up the areas where the extra items could be left.

When you choose to invest in multiple cabinets, make sure that you don’t get the types that go all the way to the ceiling. These types are less garish and would provide just the right amount of decorative element to your new dressing room.

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