Comprehensive Interview for an Interior Designer (Weekly Link Roundup)

While homeowners basically know deep inside them how they want their homes to look, setting up the design is a bit more challenging. It gets even more difficult as space needs optimization. Where difficulty sets in, this is where the interior designer should be employed. But would you know how to conduct a comprehensive interview for an interior designer?

In hiring the best designer out there, you should try checking design publications, asking friends and going online. As soon as you have zeroed in on the choicest designers, then all you have to do is to ask the right set of questions in order to build your level of trust with the designer.

Do You Have a State License?

Every state has a different licensing requirement. Typical requirements include pertinent educational and work experience. You are in better hands if you hire a licensed designer. This means that you are going to work with an expert who has been trained to do the work that you require.

Do You Have Any Specialties?

There are certain designers that specialize in specific fields based on the bulk of their work experience. For instance, there are those that specialize in designing offices while others are better at setting up beautiful homes.

Can I Take a Look at Your Portfolio?

If you want to check out the previous projects finished by your preferred designer, then ask for his portfolio. If you are ever impressed with his work, then see if he can make your design plan happen.

I’d Like to Contact the References You Gave…

References or the testimonials given by past clients can prove the designer’s capability to produce only the best results. By talking to the past clients, you can discern if the past projects have been completed on time and if they were all trouble-free. Should there have been any problems, you would also know what the designer did to solve the issues.

Are You Great at Working With a Budget?

This is very important for people who have a budget constraint. A professional designer must be able to execute the client’s design idea and he must be able to do this within the budget that will be allocated to him. This is where the designer’s versatility is going to be gauged.

If you hire a designer that has worked mainly on high-end budgets then do not be surprised when the expenses pile up. Also, such designers end up putting your small project at the bottom part of their to-do list. 

How Long Would You Work on My Project?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask. While the services that are going to be rendered need to be defined, it is also important to note when the project will be completely finished. The answer to this question will point out how long your home will remain under construction. This becomes doubly important once you have a major project to finish.

Apart from defining the work timetable, you also need to know if you can still be hands-on with regard to the design process. How close can you get to the project itself? If you want to be fully involved, then state it from the onset.

How Much Are We Talking About Here?

Lastly, it is important to ask about your designer’s fees. Does he charge a flat fee or is he paid on an hourly basis? Many designers prefer to be paid on a percentage basis or what’s known as cost plus. Ask also what insurance the designer offers.

Follow this basic yet comprehensive interview for an interior designer and you should be able to hire one of the best in the field.

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