Complete Home Remodel Renovation Checklist for 2020

With more than 30 years of experience in the home remodeling industry, serving homeowners throughout Lansdale and the surrounding areas of Montgomery and Bucks counties, we have learned a thing or two about guiding our customers through a complex home remodel, to get the perfect results for their home projects. A major home renovation may feel overwhelming at first, but it can actually be a really fun experience when you hire a team of experts to handle the process from start to finish. This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist that outlines what you can expect when you work with Meridian Construction on your next home remodel!

Our Exclusive Home Remodel Checklist

The skilled team at Meridian Construction is committed to making your project virtually effortless on your end. Our team of licensed professionals will create the ideal plan for your home remodel, handling all of the logistical aspects (and heavy lifting!).

  1. Select your remodeling company. Choosing a company to take on your remodel can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Be sure to read reviews when researching the perfect company for your remodel needs. Meridian Construction not only has exceptional reviews from satisfied homeowners, but we thrive on constantly communicating with you to ensure that your unique remodel dreams come true! Take a look at our project portfolio for inspiration and peace of mind that we can execute your project perfectly.
  2. Create an idea board. While remodeling can be a big undertaking, we at Meridian Construction are here to make sure the process is both informational and fun for you! That’s why we encourage all of our clients to create an idea board that allows you to explore the design aesthetics and elements you are striving to achieve with your remodel.

    If you were looking for one more reason to scour, HGTV, and the various eye-catching home magazines in the grocery checkout line for inspiration, you’ve got it! We are invested in this exciting part of your home remodeling journey, and we will take your ideas and formulate a plan to deliver results that are sure to WOW you!
  3. Share your vision with your remodeling team. Communication is a huge part of a successful home remodel, and Meridian Construction vows to never leave you and your great ideas on the backburner. Our team will be in constant communication with you from idea inception to final décor decisions, and every step between. Your job is to come up with the vision; then we will take your wish list and make it a reality!
  4. Visit vendors and tour showrooms. A great way to see how things may look in real life is to visit showrooms and vendors. There’s something to be said for stepping out from behind magazine pages and actually feeling the quality of products that will be used for your remodel. Meridian Construction has a showroom that you can tour for a fun opportunity to see all of the quality materials available for your project. You will also have the opportunity to meet and work with our designers to personalize and perfect your vision, down to the smallest detail.

    Another great aspect of visiting our showroom is the ability to learn more about our preferred vendors and their products, which will likely play an instrumental role in your remodel. The exceptional vendors in our network often have their own showrooms as well, so you will get a comprehensive view of the premier materials available to you.
  5. Enjoy your new remodel. Once you have worked with our designers to craft your vision, our team of highly skilled designers, carpenters, and vendors will take it from there. We work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life. Our consistent communication and industry expertise ensure that you will be nothing short of amazed by the end results!

    All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your new space – break out a bottle of bubbly or simply soak in the satisfaction of working with an all-star team to achieve your dream remodel!
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