Common Home Remodeling Delays (Monday Link Roundup)

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If you are starting a remodel for any room in your home soon, then you know that you need to calm your nerves. It is going to be a trying week or month especially when you will experience some delays. It is pretty reasonable to think that a renovation or remodeling project will not start or finish on the exact time that the contractor promised. The best thing to do is to manage your own expectations.

Every professional contractor, remodeler or builder already knows that delays are sometimes inevitable. But, of course, people just hope for the best and everyone must just put their best efforts in. The best option, too, is to just be prepared for the unexpected when they finally come.

Notorious Weather

What could be more unpredictable than weather? While the local news station does try to give the latest weather reports, no one can actually give a hundred-percent accurate weather forecast. This is the very reason why it is called a forecast.

Rainy days and other extreme weathers can affect remodeling projects especially when the works that need to be done include exterior tasks. If, say, you were planning to have the outdoor walls painted on a Monday then it rains on that day, of course, you move the schedule the day after.

But what if it rains again by then?

Concrete work can also be hampered by torrential rains. Of course, it is not possible to pour concrete during rainy days nor on days when rains have been forecasted. Concrete has to have a cure time so you would need for it to dry up for a few days.

Unanticipated Back Orders and Lead Times

There are lead times for plumbing fixture, tiles, lighting fixture, and custom orders. If you are a fan of those house flipping reality shows, then you do know that a contractor may demand the selections as well as the time when they arrive but the availability of the materials cannot always be guaranteed.

Your contractor – to avoid this scenario – needs to ask you, upfront, about your lighting selections as well as your other hardware needs. You may feel uncomfortable choosing them early on but you simply have to if you want to avoid a backlog.

Permit Issuance Delays

The majority of cities require permits and inspections for remodeling projects. The local building and development department goes about with this process. This can get a tad frustrating when there are just a few reviewers to look at several projects. Imagine having one reviewer for 30 projects or so.

This person would really take time to review each and every remodeling proposal. Pray that you don’t get the fussy one.

Conflicting Timetables

When you called a general contractor to take on the project, he may be in the middle of another project, or his people (framers, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.) are simply not ready for your tasks.

Have the remodeler create a schedule but when the subcontractors cannot report to work, then you’ll have a problem there, too. Should this happen, compared to all the other remodeling issues, this one is solvable within a few hours. Find subcontractors online. This way, you can still begin at the scheduled time that was promised to you.

Your Home’s Current Condition

This may not be a common remodeling issue but it is still a probable concern. Think of asbestos (for much older homes), mold, rot, and termite damage. These things need to be addressed first before the contractor can begin with the actual remodeling.

There are telltale signs of damage such as stained ceilings and swelling baseboards. These could mean water leaking somewhere.

Contractors can predict damages plus they can give you a close-to-accurate schedule most of the time so just relax and enjoy the project.

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