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Common Causes of Pipe Bursting in the Summer

causes of pipe brusting

The summer is a time of joy when you don’t need to carry the worries of home maintenance that would typically come from cold weather, such as a pipe burst. However, there’s a possibility of a pipe burst in the summertime that could occur for various reasons. Read on for more information on the cause of a pipe bursting during the summer, and consider what you need to do to protect your pipes when the weather gets warm.


Although this problem may occur throughout the year, clogging is an issue that will lead to a bursting pipe. If a large mass prevents water from passing through, the buildup of fluids and waste will cause the pipe to expand and eventually explode. 

Flush only fluids and waste down the drain and occasionally clean the pipes throughout the summer to prevent clogging that could result in even worse problems. If you have a clog, use some simple DIY tricks for clearing blocked drains to prevent it from worsening.

Higher Humidity

When there’s moisture in the air, the metal will begin to rust and wear down. In the summer, the humidity will be higher and affect the pipes by causing them to rust, making them more susceptible to bursting. Moisture typically occurs in the winter due to a mixture of hot water and freezing temperatures that make the metal brittle. 

However, the rising temperatures in the warmer months cause water to evaporate and remain in the air, creating humidity. This effect is a common cause of a pipe bursting in the summer when you live near a body of water during a hot summer. Use various ways to protect pipes against corrosion, such as paint or WD-40, to protect your pipes in hot and humid conditions. 

Hard-Water Buildup

Hard water buildup is common throughout the year and depends on water usage. However, people will use more water during the summer for showers, lawn sprinklers, and water from the sink. The water will contain trace amounts of iron, calcium, and magnesium that will build up after each use of the water. 

Using more hard water in the summer may eventually cause a blockage in the pipes. Pour water softener into the drain to remove the minerals and prevent them from attaching to the pipe’s interior. You’ll worry less about a sudden burst that could cost thousands of dollars and keep them clean.

Bursting pipes are a hassle, but there are ways to prevent them. Use this knowledge to ensure you have a peaceful time in the warmer months without any surprise plumbing issues.

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